How Broadcasters Can Reach Young Viewers

“You can no longer just be a broadcaster,” says SmithGeiger’s Andrew Finlayson. “You have to go beyond that.” In addition to offering content across digital and social media platforms, broadcasters, particularly TV stations, need to create and promote the usage of mobile apps, both for entertainment content and local news. (Photo: Wendy Moger-Bross)

SmithGeiger’s Finlayson To Open NewsTECHForum

Andrew Finlayson, EVP digital and social media strategies at SmithGeiger, will look at how broadcasters can attract younger audiences with technology, opening a conference gathering news, technology and digital executives.

NATPE 2018

Broadcasters Tout ATSC 3.0’s Potential Power

The tower is power. That was the message from a NATPE panel Wednesday focused on the next-generation broadcast TV standard, aka ATSC 3.0. “Amazon could try and put up sticks around the U.S. and couldn’t match the infrastructure that broadcasters have built over the last 60-70 years,” said Andrew Finlayson, SmithGeiger’s EVP of digital and social media strategies.


How Local TV Can Survive In An OTT World

Experts say for stations to survive the onslaught of multiscreen competition, they must make a serious commitment to promotion. “Google-proof” the news, says NBCU’s Valari Staab, while SmithGeiger’s Andrew Finlayson exhorted: “We are in the reminder business. “Don’t just run the same [local news promo] over and over all evening. Make these the best promos on your air.”