Andrew Yang Joins CNN As A Political Commentator

Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Returns To MSNBC, Ending Feud

Andrew Yang Lashes Out At MSNBC

The entrepreneur-turned-presidential candidate has spent the better part of a week accusing the network of “systematic bias” against his campaign after he had the least amount of speaking time at last week’s debate. And he kept up the drumbeat Monday. “MSNBC is trying to suppress and minimize my campaign because there are certain other candidates that they might favor,” Yang said, declining to elaborate.

MSNBC Apologizes, Issues On-Air Correction For Leaving Andrew Yang Off Polling Graphic

NBC Denies Andrew Yang’s Mic Was Cut Off

Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang said the reason you didn’t hear more from him during last Thursday’s Democratic debate on MSNBC was because his microphone was cut off by the network unless he was called on — a claim NBC is pushing back on.