Sally Kidd, Former National TV Correspondent, Takes New Job ‘For The Public Good’

Why TV Antennas Are Making a Comeback in the Streaming Age

Antennas, or “rabbit ears” provide completely free access to local network affiliates, typically including ABC, NBC, Fox and others. Fueled largely by millennials who’ve long sidestepped cable, antenna sales in the U.S. have risen 4% over the past year.

NAB Developing Tech, Investing In Startups

As part of its PILOT (formerly NAB Labs) program, the National Association of Broadcastershas put money directly into Haystack TV, the personalized video news stream, the content engagement company Antenna and Yet Analytics, which specializes in multi-source data collection. The investments are part of the NAB’s push to be active participants in ushering in TV’s future, an NAB leader says. 

NAB Labs Invests In Online Engagement

It’s putting money behind startup Antenna, which builds an online engagement platform and measures mobile and Web audience sentiment.


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