Anti-Piracy Proposal Panned By Pinterest, Vimeo, Others

Companies including Pinterest, Etsy and Vimeo are urging lawmakers to reject an anti-piracy proposal that would effectively require web companies to use as-yet-undeveloped filtering tools. The proposal “would inject uncertainty” into online copyright law, while also posing a risk to users’ privacy and their ability to access information, the companies and other opponents say in a letter sent this week to lawmakers. The letter comes in response to the proposed Strengthening Measures to Advance Rights Technologies (SMART) Copyright Act of 2022, introduced earlier this month by Sens. Thom Tillis (left) and Patrick Leahy.

Anti-Piracy Bill Could Hurt Online Advertising

A proposed anti-piracy bill pending in the Senate could make it difficult for online advertisers and credit card companies to continue doing business on the Web, warns a group of law professors.