Streamers Among Brand Loyalty Leaders

Brand Keys said comfort dominates amid COVID-19 trial by fire.

Jon Stewart Drops Trailer For New Apple Show

The streamer is teasing its forthcoming “The Problem With Jon Stewart,” which will apparently include the former “Daily Show” host grilling U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen.

Netflix, Apple Prove It Is A Streamer’s World And We Are Just Living In It

Between Netflix’s Sarandos and Apple’s Lasso it was a big night for anyone named Ted.

How ‘The Morning Show’ Reframed Season 2 Around COVID-19

Apple TV Plus Finally Hits Its Stride

Since its tortoise-slow launch a year ago, Apple has evolved its subscription streaming service substantially.

Jenny Slate, Kristen Bell Give Up Biracial Cartoon Roles

Tom Hanks War Drama ‘Greyhound’ Set For July 10 Debut On Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus In Talks For Content

The company’s video-programming executives have taken pitches from Hollywood studios about licensing older content for TV+ and have bought some shows and movies, according to people familiar with the matter. The move represents a subtle strategy shift for Apple TV+, which launched in November with a lineup of original programs.

Apple Deal Returns Richard Plepler To Spotlight

Ten months after he chafed under AT&T’s takeover of the network, he reboots himself as a producer in a five-year deal with Apple TV Plus.

Why There’s No Apple TV+ For Android

At first blush, this seems like an injudicious omission by Apple. There’s a lot riding on the company’s new services, and its video subscription in particular. On closer inspection, though, Apple is making a calculated bet that it doesn’t need those Android phone users — or has other ways of reaching them that don’t require cozying up to arch rival Google.

Apple’s New TV Looks A Lot Like The Old TV

The main takeaway from the programming portion of the festivities is that there’s no reinventing the wheel — that Apple is in the same business as networks, studios and streamers, which involves courting talent and seeking to identify hits. The same applied, largely, to its efforts to streamline distribution, although at least the sales pitch there — a more a la carte-based approach in which you “Only pay for what you want” — has a clear potential consumer benefit.

Everything We Know About Apple TV Plus

After a lot of rumors and making us wait for what feels like 10 years, Apple has finally pulled back the curtain and given us a small glimpse into its upcoming streaming service, which will be called Apple TV Plus (stylized as Apple TV+) and is said to be “the new home for the world’s most creative storytellers featuring exclusive original shows, movies, and documentaries.” We still don’t know when the many programs Apple has ordered to series will make their official debuts, but we do know a little bit about what to expect from the service itself. So here’s a brief rundown of everything we know so far.

Apple Streamer, Apple TV Plus, Unveiled

Apple also noted Monday that its Apple TV app brings together different streaming services and traditional cable subscriptions.