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AP Acquires British Movietone Film Archive

Tedial Provides Integrated MAM, Archive Solution

Tedial, an independent MAM technology solutions specialist, sold its Tarsys enterprise MAM system to Indian public service broadcaster, Doordarshan. The Tedial system, installed at Doordarshan’s Kolkata facility provides its operators  with core and browser-based desktop media tools as well as a fully integrated archive system, able to scale in volume and throughput. The Tedial archive […]


Dialogue Search Aids WSB Archives Project

WSB Atlanta is the first station to use Nexidia Dialogue, a speech search technology also being used by major cable news networks, including MSNBC. The technology uses basic language sounds called phonemes to find any audible words in any digital library. WSB can now quickly access more than 40,000 hours of material dating back to the 1950s.

Cox D.C. Bureau Updates Video Archive System