Ark Multicasting Demos ATSC 3.0 Standard And Business Model

Ark Multicasting, a low-power television broadcaster, last week gave the broadcast industry a sneak peek at what it is accomplishing together with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Trinity Broadcasting Network. The event took place at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville where Christian content creators, delivery platforms and broadcasters gathered to see what Ark calls […]

ARK Multicasting Taps Dielectric For LPTV Repack Initiative

ARK Multicasting is taking low-power television to the next level with ATSC 3.0, and ARK has selected Dielectric as its main antenna provider. Dielectric has built and stored Powerlite Series antennas for nearly 50 ARK stations, most of which operate on UHF frequencies impacted by the low-power FCC repack phase. The deal also includes antennas for two repacked VHF stations, and 150 single TUA panels for non-repack UHF stations. ARK’s 300 LPTV stations reach about one-third […]


TVN Tech | A Busy Spring For LPTV’s Repack

Low-power TV stations continue to contend with FCC initiatives to move to new channels and convert to digital operations, while interest grows in using LPTV sticks to transmit in the ATSC 3.0 standard. Above, Comark E-Compact transmitters.

ARK Multicasting Orders Multiple Comark E-Compact Transmitters For LPTV Repack

ARK Multicasting Inc. has ordered 56 E-Compact transmitters and associated field services from Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark, a manufacturer and supplier of DTV transmitters, end-to-end ATSC 3.0 solutions, and associated field services. Comark will be supplying a mix of EC700MP and EC700HP transmitter systems ranging in output power levels from 250W through 3.3kW for their […]

LPTV Group Urges FCC To Consider Datacasting To Close ‘Homework Gap’

LPTV station group ARK Multicasting has asked the FCC to consider the benefits of datacasting via over-the-air broadcasting when doling out funds for the Emergency Connectivity Fund for educational devices and connections.

ARK Multicasting Promotes Josh Weiss To CEO

ARK Multicasting has appointed Co-Founder Joshua Weiss to chief executive officer. Since founding the company in 2018, Weiss has been an integral member of ARK’s management team and his promotion to CEO “is the natural progression of his successful leadership,” the company said. Outgoing CEO, Vern Fotheringham will remain involved with ARK as the vice chairman […]