Five TV MVPs Of Election Week 2020

Trump Campaign Attacks Director Of Fox News Decision Desk, But Network Stands By Arizona Call

With Donald Trump’s path to reelection narrowing, he and his campaign have taken aim at the director of Fox News’ Decision Desk, which called Arizona for Joe Biden on Election Night. The Trump campaign sent out a press release attacking Arnon Mishkin, who has since made multiple appearances on the air defending the call and declining to retract it.

Meet Arnon Mishkin, The Fox News Analyst Who Will Call The Winner Of The Election

The cable news network is ready for a long night — and maybe a couple of extra days too — after the presidential election results start coming in on Nov. 3. Above, Fox News decision desk director Arnon Mishkin (right), with Dana Blanton, SVP of opinion research, and politics editor Chris Stirewalt at Fox News headquarters in New York.