How To Use Live Local Drone Footage

ABC O&O KGO San Francisco is one of the first local news operations in the United States to put footage from a remote-controlled aerial drone live onto the air. Find out how they did it from Ken Miguel, special projects producer at KGO, and Ron Futrell, sales and marketing director at ArrowData, which supplied the technology.

Drone Service Adds Live HD Transmission

ArrowData’s news UAV’s now feature TVU Networks’ portable cellular transmitters to deliver full HD with sub-second latency.


Legal News Drone Goes Live For KGO

While the Federal Aviation Administration is still working on final rules for flying commercial drones in U.S. airspace, at least one local TV newsroom has figured out how to legally use camera-equipped drones for news. Last Thursday, ABC O&O KGO San Francisco went live with a drone owned and operated by Las Vegas-based ArrowData, one of the first operations in the country to receive the requisite exemption from the FAA to use drones for electronic newsgathering or “aerojournalism” as the company calls it.


Las Vegas Business Press Profiles ArrowData


ArrowData Launches Drone ENG Services