Growth In Cloud Spending Reflects Early-Stage AI Efforts

OpenAI Won’t Let Politicians Use Its Tech For Campaigning, For Now

AI Chatbot Got Election Info Wrong 30% Of Time, Study Finds

News Publishers See Google’s AI Search Tool As A Traffic-Destroying Nightmare

The tech giant’s AI-powered search product is being tested on roughly 10 million users; publishers rely on Google for traffic and see a gathering storm.

Bigots Use AI To Make Nazi Memes On 4chan. Verified Users Post Them On X.

How AI Is Disrupting An Election

Senators Propose Bipartisan Framework For AI Laws

NBC Chicago Stations WMAQ, WSNS To Air News Series On Artificial Intelligence

AI That Alters Voice, Imagery In Political Ads Will Require Google, YouTube Disclosure

AI-generated election ads on YouTube and other Google platforms that alter people or events must include a clear disclaimer located somewhere that users are likely to notice, the company said in an update to its political content policy.

Twitter/X Will Use Public Data To Train AI Models

Companies Will Use Generative AI. But Will They Tell You About It?

Substack Introduces AI-Powered Audio Transcription Tools

U.S. Cyber Firm: AI Use Rising In Online Influence Campaigns, But Impact Limited

Google-owned U.S. cybersecurity firm Mandiant said on Thursday it had seen increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) to conduct manipulative information campaigns online in recent years, though the technology’s use in other digital intrusions had been limited so far. Researchers at the Virginia-based company found “numerous instances” since 2019 in which AI-generated content, such as fabricated profile pictures, had been used in politically-motivated online influence campaigns.

Can AI Summaries Save You From Endless Virtual Meetings?

New York Times Considers Legal Action Against OpenAI As Copyright Tensions Swirl

For weeks, The Times and the maker of ChatGPT have been locked in tense negotiations over reaching a licensing deal in which OpenAI would pay The Times for incorporating its stories in the tech company’s AI tools, but the discussions have become so contentious that the paper is now considering legal action.


AI And The Future of Broadcast Meteorology

For overworked TV meteorologists pushing out continuously updated weather content across multiple platforms for 10 hours a day, AI may offer the help they need at a time when the industry needs it most.

Google Adds AI-powered Summaries, Definitions, Coding Improvements

AP Cements AI Era With Newsroom Guidance

When White House-Endorsed Hackers Descended To Test A.I., They Found Flaws Aplenty

New York Times Prohibits Scraping Of Its Content For AI Training

New York Times Drops Out Of AI Coalition

The New York Times has decided not to join a group of media companies attempting to jointly negotiate with the major tech companies over use of their content to power artificial intelligence. The move is a major blow to efforts to Barry Diller’s efforts to establish an industry united front against Google and Microsoft.

Horizon Media Uses AI To ID People Who Influence TV Viewing

Digital Replicas, A Fear of Striking Actors, Already Fill Screens

The technology for morphing flesh-and-blood performers into virtual avatars has been improving for years. Now it has become an issue in the actors’ strike.

AI-Generated News Has Arrived In New Jersey


Future-proof compliance with AI speech-to-text technology

AI is transforming broadcast compliance, and the right tool provides essential added features through automatic speech recognition. Broadcasters can leverage this technology to gain actionable insights and automate content indexation, increasing their reach and creating new monetization strategies.

FTC Opens Investigation Into ChatGPT Maker Over Technology’s Potential Harms

The agency sent OpenAI, which makes ChatGPT, a letter this week over consumer harms and the company’s security practices.


Applied AI: An unseen revolution in local TV advertising

Advertising — specifically television, cable, broadcast, CTV, radio, and print — is being quietly reshaped by AI. The most interesting thing about this transformation is that it’s not just about technology; it’s about people, local businesses, and communities. The high costs and logistical complexity involved in advertising on channels like television have, until recently, made them unattainable for small businesses. AI has quietly stepped in to rewrite this narrative — in a very significant way. 

G/O Media Staffers ‘Appalled’ As Company Begins Testing AI-Created Content Across Sites

After G/O Media, which owns sites including The Onion, The Root and Deadspin, announced it is rolling out AI-created content next week, “appalled” unionized editorial staffers blasted the company, saying, “The hard work of journalists cannot be replaced by unreliable AI programs.”

Report: Brands Are Funding The Next Generation Of Content Farms

NewsGuard identified 141 brands that are feeding programmatic ad dollars to low-quality AI-generated news and information sites operating with little to no human oversight.

Opinion: AI Is Killing The Old Web, And The New Web Struggles To Be Born

Generative AI models are changing the economy of the web, making it cheaper to generate lower-quality content. We’re just beginning to see the effects of these changes.

Thomson Reuters Buys AI Legal Tech Startup Casetext For $650M

Citing Potential Human Extinction, Senators Seek Artificial Intelligence Inquiry

Video Editing App Raises $25 Million To Bring AI To Creators


AI Makes Big Progress In Broadcast Workflows

At this year’s NAB Show, while some of the focus on artificial intelligence could be attributed to mainstream buzz over new generative AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, broadcast vendors have been working on AI-based products for several years to tackle the more labor-intensive parts of the broadcast workflow. Pictured: Adobe’s text-based editing, in which the audio in news feeds is automatically transcribed upon ingest and displayed in a transcription window to the left of the editing interface.

IATSE Launches Commission To Study Artificial Intelligence

Google Debuts Latest AI Model, Updated Chatbot, Pixel Devices


Compliance Monitoring Spreads Its Umbrella

Armed with automation facility, AI and a move to the cloud, compliance monitoring has moved far beyond baseline capabilities and into content repurposing and ad monitoring, among other features. Next up is more audience data via ATSC 3.0 and readying to meet forthcoming OTT compliance needs. Pictured: Nexstar uses the Clip Factory feature of its Actus QA/Compliance system to clip original content back to broadcast.

AI Can Now Create Images Out Of Thin Air

The results can be astonishing: crisp, beautiful, fantastical and sometimes eerily realistic. But they can also be muddy and grotesque: warped faces, gobbledygook street signs and distorted architecture.


AI Lightens The Newsgathering Load

Broadcasters continue to turn to artificial intelligence for help with a widening array of tasks heavy on manual process from surfacing trending topics and content to generating transcriptions, tagging with metadata, offering facial and object recognition and offering help with clips, rights management and moderation.

IBC 2022: XL8 To Unveil Platform Expanding AI-Based Localization And Translation Services

XL8, a Silicon Valley tech company providing AI-powered machine translation technology optimized for media content, will unveil its MediaCAT platform for AI-based media localization at IBC 2022, Booth #6C29. This […]