ANA Washington Chief Dan Jaffe Announces Retirement

The Association of National Advertisers announced today that Group EVP Dan Jaffe, who has led the ANA’s government relations office in Washington for the past 36 years, will retire at the end of this year. Jaffe, a Washington veteran long recognized as one of the marketing industry’s most influential lobbyists, will be succeeded by ANA SVP […]

CTV Measurement Study Taps Into Innovid Insights

Innovid, an independent ad delivery and measurement platform for connected TV, today announced the findings of a first-of-its-kind report called Decoding CTV Measurement: An In-depth Look at Reach, Frequency and ROI that it says dispels major myths about one of the fastest-growing channels. Created in response to rising demands for streaming, the report was conducted in partnership with the Association of […]

ANA Blasts ‘Mind-Numbing’ Programmatic Marketplace, Announces RFP To Study It

Asserting that the programmatic advertising marketplace is “riddled with material issues including thin transparency, fractured accountability, and mind-numbing complexity,” the Association of National Advertisers this morning announced a request-for-proposal for a consultant to study and come up with recommendations for improving it.

Ad Industry Opposes FTC’s Proposed Security Regulations For Financial Institutions

The Federal Trade Commission’s proposed changes to security regulations for financial institutions could also affect a broad swath of non-financial companies — including ad agencies, social networks, lead generators and ad-tech companies — according to the Association of National Advertisers.

Tensions Rise Over Upfront Breakdown

With the coronavirus pandemic spurring chaos across the U.S. economy, some of the TV networks’ best-known ambassadors to the advertising industry were called upon in recent weeks to speak with members of the Association of National Advertisers, an influential industry group representing 1600 companies that spend more than $400 billion each year on advertising and marketing. The big question: Can you help us?

ANA Cancels Its Media Conference

The event had been scheduled for March 25-27 in Aventura, Fla.

ANA Sues Over Drug Price Disclosure Mandate

The Association of National Advertisers has joined with three pharmaceutical companies in a challenge to a new federal rule requiring that television ads for prescription drugs include their list price.

Feds Probe Ad Industry’s Media-Buying Practices

The Wall Street Journal reports that federal prosecutors in Manhattan have opened an investigation into media-buying practices in the advertising industry and have begun issuing subpoenas as part of the probe, according to people familiar with the matter. The investigation is looking at, among other things, nontransparent ad-buying practices, including agencies receiving rebates from media outlets, the people said. Journal subscribers can read the full story here.

ANA Endorses TrustX Programmatic Initiative

In an important endorsement of the TrustX initiative launched earlier this year by digital publishing trade group Digital Content Next, the Association of National Advertisers is throwing its full weight behind the program to help facilitate trust and transparency in programmatic media buying.

ANA Issues YouTube Ad Advisory

In an ironic twist for a company whose corporate motto is “do the right thing,” the Association of National Advertisers issued an advisory warning members about the brand safety of YouTube and reminding its parent Google that the top priority for any platform used by brands is “to do no harm.” The advisory comes after a number of big ANA members pulled their advertising from YouTube when it was discovered that they were being placed adjacent to unsafe content, including hate speech and “terrorist-oriented” Web sites.

Ad Groups To FCC: Revisit Broadband Privacy

The major ad organizations are continuing to press the FCC to reconsider new privacy rules that prohibit broadband providers from drawing on users’ Web browsing or app usage history for ad targeting, without their opt-in consent.

ANA Aims To Standardize Gender Equality In Ads

ANA Raises Concerns Over FCC’s STB Plan

The FCC’s newly revised plan to enable consumers to watch pay TV without cable boxes could boost piracy, according to the Association of National Advertisers.

ANA Releases New Media Transparency Guidelines

ANA Moves To Eliminate Bias Against Women

The Association of National Advertisers and its Alliance for Family Entertainment are out to eliminate bias against women from advertising and media, launching #SeeHer in an effort backed by the White House and tracked by ongoing consumer surveys.

ANA: Ad Agency Media Kickbacks ‘Pervasive’

The Association of National Advertisers this morning released findings of an eight-month study into the “transparency,” or lack thereof, of agency media-buying practices and said it found the practice of kickbacks or non-transparent media rebates to agencies to be “pervasive.” Even worse, the ANA study implied evidence of potentially criminal activities.

Probe Finds Rebates Behind Ad Media Deals

An eight-month investigation by the Association of National Advertisers reveals that ad agencies are accepting rebates from media companies in the U.S., findings that will likely stoke concerns about transparency in the industry.

ANA Commissioning Study On Media Buying

The Association of National Advertisers is hiring a consultant to do a broad study on how media is purchased by agencies for advertisers. This initiative, which comes amid allegations of widespread media agency rebate schemes in the U.S., is being conducted solely by the ANA and is separate from the joint ANA-4As task force that was announced in April that is looking at agency-advertiser contracts and the development of a code of conduct.

ANA Supports ‘Measurably Viewable’ Standard

In a move that could accelerate the shift toward so-called “viewable” ad impressions, the Association of National Advertisers has issued an advisory to its members, asking them to  transition their digital investment strategies to pay for digital advertisements that are “measurably viewable.” The request was described as a push to move digital ad spending toward a “minimum opportunity to see” standard.

DC Issues Keeping Advertisers Up At Night

The issues advertisers keep an eye on in DC don’t change that much, but what is different  are the political, regulatory and tech environments. “The overlap of regulatory issues and agencies is becoming far more complex and not clear cut,” said Dan Jaffe, EVP of government relations for the Association of National Advertisers. “That’s happened because of the convergence of media.”

ANA Buys Business Marketing Association

One Ad Trade Group Is Acquiring Another

The Association of National Advertisers in New York, founded in 1910, will acquire the Brand Activation Association, also based in New York.

Marketers Continue To Embrace Frugality

Marketers are continuing to employ cost savings and reductions, according to the 2013 Association of National Advertisers Recession Survey. The outlook indicates a “new normal” for marketing budgets, which have been constrained by the faltering economy of the last several years.

ANA Won’t Oppose Nielsen-Arbitron Merger

A group that might have at least slowed government approval of the proposed Nielsen-Arbitron merger through loud defiance signaled it will not stand in the way. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) believes the deal could enhance cross-platform measurement for the industry and won’t have any impact on stifling competition in the TV arena,

More Family Fare May Mean Higher CPMs

Want to see more family programming on TV? Then tell advertisers they might have to pay higher CPMs for potentially lower-rated shows. Doesn’t sound so good? Well, that might be the only formula that gets networks to shift their programming efforts, according to the Association of National Advertisers.

ANA Slams ‘Today’ Carnival Ad Placement

TV Media Budgets Up, Aided By STB Data

New research from the Association of National Advertisers and Forrester shows 76% of marketers plan to keep their media budgets stable in 2012. About half (47%) of all budgets will go to TV. That’s a 6% bump from the 2010 survey.

Online Metrics Inch Closer To Standardization

Plagued by inconsistent measurement systems, the industry is seeking to standardize online audience measurements. The IAB, ANA and 4As are working on the Making Measurement Make Sense initiative that could help boost digital and cross-platform ad growth.

Media Budgets Seem To Keep Rising

New survey results from the Association of National Advertisers show that both traditional TV and new media are doing well: 47% of marketers said they increased their TV budgets since 2009, while 23% said their TV budgets decreased. At the same time, 44% of marketers said they are creating incremental budgets for new media, up from 37% in 2007. The key takeaway may be that the number of marketers shifting funds from existing media budgets decreased to 44% from 63% in 2007.

Economy Casts Shadow Over Ad Forum

At the Association of National Advertisers’ conference, there was relief that the worst has not happened but worry about sluggish growth and high unemployment.

4As, ANA, IAB Create Digital Metrics

Sensing that the lack of standards and a digital currency is hurting business growth, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the Association of National Advertisers, and the American Association of Advertising Agencies have banded together to “simplify the planning, buying and evaluating of digital media.”

ANA: Accountability Heads List Of Top Issues

While the list of key marketing issues has not changed significantly over the past two years, senior marketers’ priority rankings in the latest Association of National Advertisers survey provide some revealing insights about changing business conditions and shifts in emphasis, points out ANA President/CEO Bob Liodice.

ANA Slams TV Nets for Filling Up Side Pillars

In a strongly worded statement, the Association of National Advertisers’s Television & Video Committee took TV networks to task for filling up the pillars to the right and left sidebars of standard-definition commercials that air in high-definition feeds.