APTS Rebrands: America’s Public Television Stations

The Association of Public Television Stations announced today it has a new name — America’s Public Television Stations — effective immediately. The organization’s membership voted on the name change today during the annual membership meeting at The APTS Public Media Summit. “America’s public television stations do America’s work in education, public safety and civic leadership […]

APTS Honors Malcolm Brett For Public Service

The Association of Public Television Stations (APTS) on Sunday presented the first-ever Pillar of Public Service Award to Malcolm Brett, director of broadcast and media innovations for Wisconsin Public Television. The Pillar of Public Service Award recognizes the contributions of an extraordinary leader in one of public television’s three pillars of public service: education, public […]

APTS Elects Board Leaders And Members

The Association of Public Television Stations on Sunday announced the election of its leaders and members of its Board of Trustees. Eric Hyyppa, director and general manager of MontanaPBS, has been re-elected chairman. Ronnie Agnew, executive director of Mississippi Public Broadcasting, has been re-elected as the professional vice chair, and Jo Ellen Chatham, lay trustee […]


Pat Butler Bullish On Public TV’s Prospects

The president of the Association of Public Television Stations says the financial outlook for his stations is strong thanks, in part, to funding from a Republican-controlled Congress and contributions from a growing number of states. He also talks about his problems with the FCC incentive auction and subsequent repacking of the TV band and why free, universal broadcasting — in the highest possible picture quality — must remain a cornerstone of public media.

APTS, CPB, PBS ‘Disappointed’ In FCC Denial

The public TV groups say the commission’s denial of their request for changes in the incentive auction process “create the very real possibility of a number of communities across America losing public television service following next year’s broadcast spectrum incentive auction.”

Pubcasting Chiefs Worry Over Auction Rules

The heads of the Association of Public Television Stations, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Public Broadcasting Service say that the FCC’s plans for the upcoming spectrum auction could result in some communities losing public television service. They call that “a grievous error that risks breaking faith with the nation’s commitment to universal service for non-commercial educational television.”

APTS Responds To Wheeler Ch.-Sharing Blog

Patrick Butler, president-CEO of the Association of Public Television Stations: “We are certain that the overwhelming majority of public television stations will not be participating in the incentive auctions, and will instead hope to employ the technological advances at hand to improve and expand their essential public service missions in America’s communities.”

Only 75% Of Pub TVs Are APTS Members

A drop in dues-paying members over the last three years has diminished the resources of the Association of Public Television Stations at an especially critical time for the Washington-based lobbying organization.

Pubcasters Form Public Media Association

The Association of Public Television Stations and NPR are consolidating their lobbying efforts to broaden APTS’ advocacy work to include public radio. The Public Media Association will be governed by a legislative council of four pubradio leaders named by the NPR board of directors and four public TV leaders selected by the APTS Action board, along with NPR President Vivian Schiller and APTS President Pat Butler.

APTS Mobilizes Stations As House Vote Nears

Anticipating a floor vote to eliminate funding for public broadcasting next week, the Association for Public Television Stations on Wednesday called for stations to join the first big push to build political support in the House of Representatives.

APTS Names Patrick Butler President-CEO

The former Washington Post Co. SVP will take over as head of the Association of Public Television Stations on Jan. 1.