AT&T TV Now Officially DIRECTV Stream

AT&T TV To Allow 20 Simultaneous Streams

AT&T says it’s listening to its homebound customers and is increasing the number of simultaneous streams available on its AT&T TV platform from three to 20. The telecom said the change will occur automatically for customers starting Thursday, and it won’t affect the price of the service.

AT&T TV Now Absorbed Into AT&T TV

AT&T TV Now To Stream Nats, O’s, 4 Other Teams

DirecTV, AT&T TV Raise Monthly Prices For New Customers

AT&T TV And HBO Max May Eventually Be Merged Into One Service

AT&T Stops Selling U-verse TV

The telco is prioritizing its new internet-net-based pay TV platform, AT&T TV and has stopped selling its 14-year-old IPTV pay TV platform, U-verse TV.

AT&T TV, DirecTV Offer Free HBO, Epix, More


The Price Point | AT&T TV’s Odd Play As ‘The Future Of TV’

You cannot be blamed at first glance for thinking the new AT&T TV is yet another OTT service. Actually, it is something else entirely; more akin to DirecTV than cable light. When one looks at the details and long-term pricing, it becomes easy to see AT&T TV is intended to replace DirecTV.

AT&T’s New Streamer Debuts Today

AT&T TV will have most of the same channels offered on the company’s shrinking DirecTV, but it’ll come over the internet rather than a satellite dish. AT&T has been testing the service in 13 markets and is now making it available to anyone.

AT&T TV Streams Into 10 Test Markets

AT&T TV, a new streaming service that features an Android TV box, a cloud DVR and a handful of service tiers, debuted Monday in ten US test markets in California, Kansas, Florida, Missouri and Texas.

Say Goodbye To DirecTV Now

Later this summer, AT&T will retire the name of the over-the-top TV service, first launched in December 2016, which will be rebranded “AT&T TV Now.” The change comes as the telco plans to launch test pilots in select markets of a new internet-streaming TV service called AT&T TV. Both the AT&T TV and AT&T TV Now services will be accessed through the same AT&T TV app on either mobile devices or connected TVs.

AT&T Files Trademark For AT&T TV

AT&T has filed for a trademark for “AT&T TV” with the U.S Patent & Trademark Office, a possible signal that the telco will eventually move away from its current TV brand names, DirecTV and U-verse.