Dentsu Deploys ‘Attention Metrics,’ Begins Transacting On It

Dentsu International has quietly begun to integrate so-called attention metrics into both its media planning and buying systems and has begun transacting media buys based on it, the agency’s chief investment officer disclosed during an Advertising Research Foundation panel discussion on Wednesday. “Yes, we’ve tested. Yes, we’ve seen the results — but now we’re actually planning, optimizing and buying against it,” Cara Lewis said during the panel discussing the role of attention metrics during the ARF’s Audiencexscience conference.

Dentsu Endorses ‘Intrinsic’ Time-In-View Attention Metric

At a time when so-called “attention metrics” are competing for share of industry mind, Dentsu International endorsed a promising one based on a new explicit measure of attentiveness, “intrinsic time-in-view.” “The average consumer sees over 4,000 ads in any given day, so it is imperative that advertisers start evaluating channels through the lens of attention metrics, which are more indicative of meaningful exposures,” Dentsu VP-Global Media Partnerships Joanne Leong, said, following a pitch for Frameplay’s solution during the IAB PlayFronts conference on Tuesday.