Why Car Dealers Hate Political Ads

In some battleground markets, a presidential race can soak up a third or more of local broadcast TV advertising time, crowding out auto dealers, who are typically the biggest buyers of local TV ad time, according to a Bloomberg analysis. That shift, according to the analysis of data from Kantar Media Intelligence, CMAG and Kelley Blue Book, can hurt sales.


Smart Stations Offer Auto Dealers Ad Options

TV stations need to use their strong website traffic as a sales tool to attract more dealer business. Now more than ever, local auto dealers are in need of trusted advisers who can act as local media consultants to guide dealers toward the right mix of media allocations and tactics to drive more sales. In addition, stations need to fend off growing competition from Google.

Three Auto Dealer Candidates Win Elections

Three of the four current and former dealers bidding to unseat Democratic incumbents in the House of Representatives swept into office on a national wave of Republican votes. Their election will increase the number of dealers or former dealers in the House to six — a record, and twice as many as ever before, according to the National Automobile Dealers Association. All six are Republicans.