Disney Pays $900M For MLB’s Remaining Stake In Streaming Company BAMTech

The Walt Disney Co. has officially acquired 100% of BAMTech, the streaming video technology company that it acquired majority ownership of in 2017 from Major League Baseball. According to a footnote in the company’s annual report, which it filed Tuesday, Disney paid Major League Baseball $900 million for its 15% stake in the company, now known as “Disney Streaming,” earlier in November.

Disney, Ditching Netflix, Takes New Tack

The idea that content is king has long rested on the notion that distribution — in whatever form it takes — is a low-margin commodity, and the biggest share of profits flows to the creators of original programming, who can sell to the highest bidder. But as internet streaming disrupts channels like cable and broadcast, Disney now appears to have set its sights on distribution — and a potential new revenue source.


NHL Unveils New Digital Products

Posing an ever greater competitive threat to pay TV under its first full season under partnership with streaming shop BAMTech, the National Hockey League has unveiled its new-look over-the-top platform, NHL.TV.

It’s The End Of The Bundle, And Iger Is Fine

No, the cable bundle isn’t dead. It’s more like an aging dictator who’s starting to show signs of weakness. Those around it, meanwhile, are already agitating for change. In the last few months in particular, there has been growing evidence of this revolution. After tiptoeing around the demise of the bundle for years, Disney CEO Bob Iger is finally taking bigger steps to ensure his company’s viability, with or without the traditional cable bundle.

Media Cos. Threaten To Blast Pay TV Bundles

As programming costs continue to bulge, big players have been forced to rethink the core building block of pay TV: the bundle. The “fat” package of channels, oft criticized for its bloated price, is giving way to streamlined options, including two alternatives last week, from Time Warner and Dish, that showed how the trend is gaining momentum.


Disney Gearing Up To Stream ESPN Lite

Disney CEO Bob Iger says the company has bought a $1 billion stake in Major League Baseball’s streaming platform and will use it to launch a new ESPN-branded channel that will not siphon off signature programs or major sports from the cable-based ESPN services. “We view this as a complementary service.”