Barry Diller Sues Over

The IAC chairman says that Alki David’s company is violating his intellectual property to divert people from Aereo.

Aereo Wannabe May Help Broadcasters

In a unusual legal twist, broadcasters may now have two shots at killing Aereo, the controversial TV streaming service recently launched by media mogul Barry Diller. Alki David, the provocative media entrepreneur who recently launched an Aereo-like streaming TV service called, may have unintentionally just done broadcasters a huge favor in their fight to stop both online video services.

NBC, ABC, CBS Next To Sue

The networks’ joint copyright infringement claim against digital entrepreneur Alki David’s provocative site is similar to the suit that Fox filed on Friday — also at the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles. The action against BarryDriller Content Systems was made “to restrain defendants from exploiting without authorization, and violating plaintiffs’ rights in, some of the most valuable intellectual property created in the United States,” the networks say.

Fox Sues Alki David’s

The complaint notes that since last Tuesday the defendant, BarryDriller Content Systems, owned by Alki David, has infringed on Fox’s copyrights and trademarks by retransmitting its broadcast shows online without the company’s permission. It specifically cites Fox-owned shows taken from KABC and KTTV Los Angeles