States Back Biden Administration In Battle Over Social Media Misinformation

A New York-led coalition of 20 states and the District of Columbia are supporting the Biden administration’s request to vacate an injunction that if allowed to take effect, would prevent federal government officials from urging social-media platforms to suppress misinformation.

Federal Judge Limits Biden Officials’ Contacts With Social Media Sites

The order came in a lawsuit filed by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, who claim the administration is trying to silence its critics.

White House Withdraws Sohn Nomination

Its official. On Sunday night, the White House sent out a note that it had informed the Senate it has withdrawn the nomination of Gigi Sohn to fill the vacant chair on the FCC, which has been at a 2-2 political tie for more than two years since Joe Biden became president, which usually would mean a Democratic majority.

Biden Yet To Withdraw Gigi Sohn’s FCC Nomination

The Biden administration appears to be in no hurry to withdraw the nomination of Gigi Sohn, its first choice for the third Democratic seat on the five-member FCC, or perhaps it was caught somewhat off guard by the need to find a new candidate if it wants to start pursuing a non-bipartisan agenda, one that prominently includes the restoration of network-neutrality rules.

Washington Prepares For War With Amazon

A multi-pronged investigation of the online giant is approaching the action phase — on mergers, antitrust, privacy and more.

White House Said To Consider Pushing Congress On Dealing With TikTok

In a strategy shift, the Biden administration is increasingly pointing to Congress to give it more legal power to deal with TikTok and other technology that could expose Americans’ sensitive data to China.

White House Moves Forward With Cross-Border Data Pact

President Joe Biden on Friday signed an executive order to implement a new privacy framework intended to allow tech companies to transfer data from Europe to America. The move comes more than six months after the White House and European officials announced that they had reached an agreement in principle for a new data pact.

FCC: LPTV’s Can’t Demand Satellite Carriage

The Biden Administration is telling a federal court that low power TVs are not eligible for satellite must-carry and it should reject a challenge to a clear statutory directive to that effect.

Insider: Any Potential ViacomCBS-Comcast Deal On Hold

ViacomCBS and Comcast’s potential partnership has been slowed by concern about the Biden Administration’s pledge to aggressively enforce the nation’s antitrust laws, according to a source with knowledge of the discussions. Both sides are waiting to see how the new administration’s regulators react to the proposed merger of AT&T’s WarnerMedia unit with Discovery, says the source, before resuming discussions about ways the two sides could work together — including any possible business combination — beyond a possible streaming partnership outside the U.S.

WaPo Publisher Slams ‘Unprecedented Assault’ On Media By Biden DOJ

Biden Administration Still Weighing TikTok And WeChat Bans

7 People Who’ll Likely Drive Biden’s Tech Policy

While the Biden administration has been slow to appoint the key decisionmakers at agencies overseeing technology issues, a handful of people are on the inside track to lead them. By and large, these likely appointees do not have direct ties to Big Tech companies and have advocated for tougher measures against the industry. Many also previously served in the Obama administration and fall in the progressive camp.