ARF Releases First DASH Study To Aid Big Data Audience Modelers

DuJuan McCoy Establishes Big Data Company

DuJuan McCoy, owner, president and CEO of Circle City Broadcasting (parent company of Indianapolis duopoly WISH (CW) and WNDY (MNT), has teamed up with data scientist and co-founder Roosevelt Smith to launch eMedia Augmentation […]

There’s Money In Big Data; Let’s Share It

Tech companies like Google and Facebook have created great wealth for themselves by harvesting and commercializing the private data that users of their services carelessly leave behind. Now, policymakers and researchers are looking for ways to assign a value to the data and share some of the digital wealth with individuals and society.

On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Qligent

Qligent | Stand 8.E47| In an effort to communicate the value proposition of real-time analytics in a cloud-based monitoring workflow, Qligent will demonstrate a real-world MVPD deployment of its Vision SQM platform that leverages its second-generation, big data processing engine for viewer […]


Big Data Portends Big Changes To Spot Buys

Ad sellers — broadcasters and cable networks — are wading deeper into data pools so that they are helping advertisers and their agencies program-target their buys and avoid undervaluing their time.


Personalized Media: It’s All About The Data

As media organizations respond to consumer demand for a more personalized experience, how well they acquire, analyze, and utilize big data is going to factor heavily into their continued success.


IBC Judges Select Big Data Paper For Top Honor


Lessons Learned From The Trump Campaign

There is unlikely to be another presidential campaign like the one that made Donald Trump our 45th president last year. But there are lasting lessons for local broadcasters to be derived from it: 1) their lock on the presidential spend may not be as strong as they might think; and 2) as sellers they have to get as smart about Big Data and targeted advertising as the buyers.

NAB Show Shanghai Expands Offerings

The second annual NAB Show Shanghai will feature “enhanced” educational programming, including three core conferences, four conference tracks and a new exhibit floor. Produced by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the International High […]

NAB Invests In Big Data Startup

Baltimore-based Yet Analytics provides cutting-edge platforms for multi-source data collection and analysis that could help broadcasters size up their audiences for advertisers.



The Future Of Agencies: Mining For Data

A new deal with BuzzFeed gives GroupM loads of data, which can be used for better targeting. The aim: Breakthrough campaigns. Rob Norman, chief digital officer at GroupM, talks about why the BuzzFeed deal was made, why big data is important, and how agencies are preparing for the future.

Data, Programmatic Crucial To ’16 Campaign

Already sick of hearing about data, the big buzzword during this year’s upfronts? Bad news: The incessant upfront chatter was just the beginning, as data blending and programmatic TV buying also looks to dominate the 2016 presidential campaign.


Big Data Might Cure Much That Ails Spot

BIA/Kelsey media buying veteran Maribeth Papuga examines the health of spot TV and advises station groups to work together to get smarter about who is watching their programs, create more relevant data and seek out new programs that might attract new audiences. She also says Big Data is what broadcasters need to reap the most benefits from programmatic or automated buying.


The Story Of The Upfront: Big Data

Networks roll out new services that mine big data for better ways to target the right audience. The argument: Your ad dollars are better spent with us than elsewhere.


How CBS Marries TV Ads And Big Data

Big data is a big deal right now in media. Everyone is looking for a way to leverage the overwhelming amount of information available about people’s personal habits and history to make their advertising stronger and better targeted. Of course, the broadcast networks are jumping into it, too, at a time when TV viewing patterns are undergoing a great deal of change. David Poltrack, chief research officer at CBS Corp. and president of CBS Vision, talks about TV and big data, how TV viewing habits have changed and whether TV audiences have actually declined.

CBS Gets Into The Big Data Game

BS may have launched a new streaming service (and announced a new one for daughter network Showtime on the heels of the Apple press conference where HBO Now was unveiled), but traditional TV is where it’s at, as far as the television company is concerned. Today, the company unveiled a new product designed to demonstrate TV’s reach power to CBS clients, which it’s calling “Campaign Performance Audit,” or CPA.


Behind The Push For Big Data In Media

Big data is a buzzphrase that’s being thrown around frequently these days, so much so that one is tempted to dismiss it as just the latest media fad. It is not. Agencies are fast embracing big data and the opportunities it can offer. Tash Whitmey, global CEO at Havas EHS, talks about why big data is important for agencies, how it can help clients and how such agency networks as Helia can benefit advertisers.


Big Data Has To Be TV’s Big Priority

Now that broadcasters are a couple of weeks into 2015, they can officially start looking forward to 2016 and the return of big-time political money. And when that year gets […]


Big Data Remakes Texas Campaign Ad Spend

Republican Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott’s team assembled a winning strategy featuring an integrated media marketing machine that included more for digital, less for TV. This story first appeared in TVNewsCheck’s Executive Outlook winter edition.

How Data Will Change TV This Season

TV still enjoys the biggest slice of most advertisers’ budgets — but now is the time for data to change the way TV advertising is bought and sold across all industry verticals. TV advertisers need to prepare for five major shifts in the year ahead.

Big Data: A Media Buyer’s Primer

It’s more than just the latest buzzword. Big data is already having a big impact on many forms of media, and out of home will be next. What it is and how to use it.

TV Audience Targeting Comes Of Age

At a time when Madison Avenue has been consumed by the role Big Data is playing in transforming the rest of its marketing and media mix — especially online, social and mobile — parallel developments have been radically altering the infrastructure for planning, buying and evaluating its biggest medium, television.


Hyperlocal Video, Big Data Are Day 2 Focus

Day two of BIA/Kelsey’s Leading In Local Conference In San Francisco featured a number of disparate discussions. Among the standouts: a new hyperlocal model fueled by video content, a pair of forthcoming user-generated content-oriented apps from Wanderful Media and the looming influence of big data on local markets.

Journalists, Viewers Hungry For ‘Big Data’

With more public information available on everyone and everything, some believe journalism should follow the change. It’s not a case of following the money, but more of following and analyzing “big data.”

Local Media Pioneers Tackle Big Data

For local media companies, the benefits of big data are many, including a positive impact on the bottom line, but harnessing that data presents a challenge. Working with big data invariably means stitching together a solution among a disparate field of vendors, as well as creating an in-house team to analyze the data. Not to mention the potential legal problems. Part one of a three-part special report on local media and big data, looking at the promises and challenges of this fast-changing field. Read part one here. Read the full report here.

Big Data Is A Very Big Deal To Local Media

As local media companies eye the potential of big data for deepening their engagement with audiences and advertisers, they are learning just how messy, expensive, incremental and imperfect the process can be. In the first of a three-part special report on local media and big data, NetNewsCheck looks at the promise and challenges of this fast-changing field.


News Biz Needs To Learn How To Use Metrics

The Guardian‘s Stijn Debrouwere says the news industry has always been bad at using analytics: “Metrics only make sense when you’re going to do something with them. If you just have them to have them and don’t use them to gauge your progress in making your website, your application or your writing better, then you might as well not have them — even if they’re stable metrics that measure the right thing.”

Indoor Marketing: The Next Disruptor?

Small businesses see the prospect of tracking consumers inside brick-and-mortar as another means of bridging the gap between their online and offline behaviors, further localizing “big data” to potentially influence consumption. “The goal of the newspaper insert is to drive shoppers to stores,” says Ben Smith, CEO of Wanderful Media. “Once shoppers are in the store, indoor-marketing techniques implemented by retailers can encourage shoppers to buy more.”


‘Big Data’ Microanalysis Improves Ad Yields

TV stations may be selling themselves short with their current ad sales strategies. Many are selling their most valuable ad inventory a year or more in advance to someone who would pay much more for it. Big data analytics can help ensure that they don’t leave any money on the table when closing an ad buy.


Use Big Data To Better Target Ad Messages

The goal with big data, according to a panel at the PromaxBDA Station Summit, , is finding messages that resonate with segments of the audience, rather than creating blanket messages for broad demographic groups.