Fox Invests In And Adopts Eluvio Blockchain Platform

Fox Corp. and Eluvio, a global operation for managing, distributing, and monetizing premium content via blockchain, announced today that Fox has made a strategic investment in Eluvio to accelerate the adoption of Eluvio’s platform across the media and entertainment industry. As part of the investment, the companies also announced that Eluvio will provide the underlying technology […]


TVN Tech | Michelle Munson Opens New Chapter With Eluvio

The networking tech veteran’s latest venture aims to replace traditional content-delivery networks and their myriad copies of different files suited for different devices with the Eluvio Content Fabric, a blockchain-based software service platform. She talks about Eluvio and how she sees the media technology landscape heading into IBC.

Amazon Hints At Moving Blockchain Into Ads

Amazon appears to be looking to build out its advertising business by putting the data on a blockchain. An Amazon job post suggests the company will expand on the work it has already done in blockchain by expanding the technology into advertising. The company is looking for a senior software engineer to join its Advertising FinTech team.

Tegna Unit Using Blockchain To Curb Fraud

Tegna’s over-the-top advertising unit Premion is using a new suite of blockchain-based technology from MadHive to prevent fraud, target campaign and verify ad delivery.


Collins | Blockchain Can Promote Efficiency, Security

For companies in the media advertising space, there is clear indication that an effectively installed blockchain network can be helpful to users as they review and reconcile data. Blockchain can improve the efficiencies of the existing process flows of media companies, specifically as they relate to the selling, buying, fulfillment and paying for advertising.

Blockchain Secures Data For Advanced TV Ads

Blockchain technology will now be used to secure data for advanced TV advertising, according to an industry initiative pushed by Comcast Cable Advertising, along with Viacom and Charter Communications’ Spectrum Reach advertising unit. Comcast is also working with its NBCUniversal unit to test its Blockgraph software, with plans to fold it into an addressable offering in early 2019.


Collins | Transitioning To Tomorrow’s Workforce

As they migrate to the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard, TV stations represent a microcosm of the workforce shifts that are taking place within station groups and media organizations. Competing effectively as a multichannel, multiplatform and revenue-diverse organization increasingly relies upon technology-driven solutions such as cloud-based management, blockchain and automation, including more universal deployment of robotic process automation.

Blockchain Won’t Save Journalism After All

Hype around the technology has led to incomprehensible applications of it. Civil Media Co. was introduced earlier this year as both a media platform and a network, to be owned and operated by journalists and concerned citizens in tandem.

How Blockchain Could Break Big Tech’s Hold On AI

AP Signs On With Journalism Blockchain Civil

Civil Media Co. is a startup that aims to support a network of high-quality news outlets through the sale of cryptocurrency. The AP will license its content to the newsrooms in the Civil network (there are 14, and they include startups like ZigZag and Block Club Chicago), as it does with other news outlets. Also, AP and Civil are working together on a blockchain based-technology that will let Civil newsrooms track the flow of their content and enforce licensing rights.

Blockchain Ad-Media Value To Hit $122B By 2030

Blockchain technology is forecast to create a business value of $2 trillion by 2030, according to data released Wednesday. The emerging technology also is poised to have a “probable” forecasted value for the advertising and media industry at $122 billion by 2030, up from about $10 billion in 2025.


Blockchain’s ‘Transformative’ Impact Potential

Blockchain’s ability to help organizations cut costs and improve asset management is already generating a lot of interest. The media industry’s experimentation with blockchain already includes tracking distribution of licensed music as well as the use of digital currencies to execute micro-payments for settlement of license fees. Whether bitcoin becomes a major disruptive force to traditional currencies, there’s no doubting the importance of staying ahead of its adoption curve.

Unilever Could Pull Billions In Digital Ads

Unilever continues to work with IBM to develop a blockchain to address transparency and trust issues among its advertising partners. Keith Weed, chief marketing and communications officer at Unilever, sent a forceful warning to Google, Facebook and other digital platforms to clean up their act, or the company will pull its advertising.