TBS Unveils Commentators For Its ‘Tuesday Night Baseball’

Barr, Wertlieb Emphasize Value Of Local News

The heads of Graham Media, Emily Barr, and Hearst Television, Jordan Wertlieb, yesterday agreed that local journalism, particularly that practiced by TV stations, was critical to the nation’s well-being. The two made their remarks as they were honored as Giants of Broadcasting and the Electronic Arts by the Library of American Broadcasting Foundation.

Bob Costas Will Host WarnerMedia’s MLB Playoff Coverage

Bob Costas Nearing Agreement With TBS To Host NLCS

TBS is looking to turn to a Hall of Fame broadcasting pinch-hitter to host the National League Championship Series between Oct. 15 and 24. Bob Costas and TBS are working toward an agreement that would see him host the network’s marquee MLB event. TBS wanted to alleviate the pressure on TBS’s regular host, Ernie Johnson, as his duties on Inside the NBA begin in mid-October. Johnson is expected to host the opening rounds of the TBS playoff coverage.

Bob Costas Returns To HBO For Interview Series

The multiple Emmy winner will host his third interview show for HBO beginning later this spring. Back on the Record With Bob Costas — the title is a nod to his first series at the premium cabler, On the Record — will air four times a year and feature in-depth interviews with prominent figures in sports, entertainment and pop culture and discussions about the sports issues of the day.

CNN Adds Bob Costas To Contributors Roster


Bob Costas Insists He Was Not Fired By NBC

For nearly four decades, Bob Costas was the face and voice of NBC Sports, covering nearly every major league and event. His time in the spotlight, from the early nineteen-eighties to this past year, coincided with the network’s glory years, when NBC’s Olympics package insured that Costas was the most recognizable face of those games. He talks about his long career at NBC, the terms of his departure, and the power of the NFL in dictating television content.

Costas: I Lost Super Bowl For ‘Crossing The Line’

Bob Costas says he lost his job co-hosting the Super Bowl on NBC last year after the network told him he “crossed the line,” a teaser for an upcoming E:60 report from ESPN shows. Although the teaser doesn’t explicitly mention why Costas was let go, he has, on multiple occasions, called attention to the brain damage players suffer during and after their careers.

Bob Costas, NBC Have Broken Up

Bob Costas’ legendary career at NBC is now officially over. “It’s all settled quietly and happily for all concerned,” Costas said. He will continue on the MLB Network, where he is set to be a big part of the Baseball Hall of Fame inductee announcement in the next week. He also will call about 20 games on play-by-play for MLBN. Plus, he is exploring doing a sports/news interview-style show.

Bob Costas In Talks To Exit NBC Sports

Costas, his representatives and NBC have held discussions that could result in the longtime face of NBC Sports being let out of a contract that currently runs through 2021, a person with knowledge of the conversations says. Costas, 66, has worked at NBC since 1979 in starring roles as lead announcer on the Olympics, World Series and Super Bowls. More recently, he took on a sort of emeritus role at NBC Sports.

Bob Costas Left Out Of NBC Super Bowl Coverage

NEW YORK (AP) — Bob Costas won’t be working the Super Bowl for NBC next month. The longtime broadcaster was not included in the network’s lineup for the NFL title […]

Bob Costas To Receive Baseball’s Frick Award

Tirico To Replace Costas At Olympics

Bob Costas has been the on-air concierge to NBC’s Olympics 11 times, starting in 1992. Costas, 64, said he’s not retiring from the business, but entering the “Tom Brokaw phase” of his career. He will be replaced at the South Korea Winter Games next year by Mike Tirico.

Bob Costas Blasts Caitlyn Jenner’s ESPY Award

Costas Returns To Olympics Coverage

NBC’s Bob Costas joked at the show’s opening that he was “sitting in” for Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira, who had subbed for him while he was out with an eye infection. He thanked the two, and viewers for expressing concern. “My apologies to everyone for the unavoidable but uncomfortable circumstance of a broadcaster’s ill-timed affliction getting in the way, even for just a moment, from what we all came here for,” Costas said.

Bob Costas To Return To Olympics Tonight

The sportscaster who has led the network’s primetime Olympics coverage since 1998, will return to the chair for Monday night’s telecast on NBC. Costas has been sidelined for six nights after suffering an eye infection. Today co-host Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieria, a former Today co-host who is an NBC News contributor have filled in for Costas over the last several nights.

Costas Out Yet Again For NBC’s Olympics Coverage

NBC’s Costas Sitting Out With Eye Infection

With both eyes reddened by an infection, NBC’s Bob Costas said he will sit out the network’s prime-time Olympics coverage on Tuesday. Taking his place in Sochi will be “Today” […]

Bob Costas To Helm NBC’s Olympics Coverage

It’s Beck Vs. Costas Over Redskins Name

Bob Costas: Redskins Name Undeniably A ‘Slur’

NBC’s Bob Costas Slams CBS Sports

He says the Augusta National Golf Club’s dark history is “the elephant in the room” and CBS ought to acknowledge the club’s “history of racism and sexism.”


Bob Costas: The Shill Becomes A Journalist

In connecting the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide to handguns, Costas dared to set the door ajar — though not quite open — to the far larger issue of the violence we have loosed on ourselves and our psyches by idolizing the NFL’s warrior avatars. Costas, who is even smarter than you think, is aware of what he’s doing.

Costas Takes Fire Over Gun Control Comments

NBC’s Costas Says He Plans To Honor Israelis

NEW YORK (AP) — NBC Sports anchor Bob Costas says he plans his own on-air commemoration this week of Israelis killed in Munich 40 years ago despite the refusal of […]

Bob Costas To Host NBC Sports Network Program

Sandusky Interview Surprised Bob Costas

The veteran NBC Sports anchor was in a Rock Center Manhattan studio for an interview with Sandusky’s lawyer, Joseph Amendola, when the lawyer said, “What if I can get Sandusky on the phone?”

Bob Costas To Host Show On NBC Sports Network