Bob Iger Bruised, But Not Broken, After Disney Fight

In fending off Nelson Peltz (and Ike Perlmutter) during a $40 million proxy battle, the CEO gets to keep his board seats and leeway to take part in succession planning — again.

Hunt For Disney CEO Bob Iger’s Successor Kicks Into High Gear

How Disney’s Bob Iger Vanquished Wall Street Agitator Nelson Peltz

The CEO rolled out a string of initiatives that helped inoculate the company against the activist’s attack.

Proxy War Over, Analysts Say Disney Still Has Work To Do

In recently months, CEO Bob Iger has been putting more of his focus on the quality of the company’s movies, announced plans to make the ESPN networks available via streaming, cut costs and reduced head count — strategies that will continue with the Disney board in place.

Disney Shareholders Back CEO Iger, Rebuff Activist Shareholders Who Wanted To Shake Up Company

The dissident shareholders had said in a preliminary proxy filing that they wanted to replace Iger at Disney and align management pay with performance. Despite their loss, they declared a victory of sorts following the vote, noting that since Peltz’s company, Trian Partners, started pushing Disney in late 2023, the entertainment giant has engaged in a flurry of activity by adding new directors, and announcing new operating initiatives and capital improvement plans for its theme parks.

Disney CEO Bob Iger Grapples With Succession Planning. Here Are 4 Execs Who Could Replace Him

Disney’s Biggest Shareholder Fight In 20 Years Will Shape The Company’s Future

Disney’s shareholder vote has become a contentious referendum on CEO Bob Iger, who has struggled to tame enormous problems that prompted his return in late 2022.

Bob Iger’s Invincible Era Is Over

After a major Wall Street firm sides with activist Nelson Peltz ahead of an April 3 shareholders meeting, investors are questioning how the CEO plans to plot out growth — and his own succession.

Nelson Peltz Insists, Again, His Fight With Disney Is About The Board, Not Bob Iger – But It’s A Fine Line

Bob Iger And Disney Get Backing In Proxy Battle From Former CEO Michael Eisner

Disney and its current CEO, Bob Iger, have secured the backing of Iger’s onetime boss, former Chairman-CEO Michael Eisner. In a statement posted to social media, Eisner didn’t name Nelson Peltz, whose Trian Fund Management is mounting an offensive to win two seats on Disney’s board at the April 3 annual shareholder meeting. But the longtime media exec wrote that “bringing in someone who doesn’t have experience in the company or the industry to disrupt Bob and his eventual successor is playing not only with fire but earthquakes and hurricanes as well.”

No One Is Ever Ready To Be The Next CEO Of Disney

None of the four leading candidates has the perfect resume for the top job. Neither did Bob Iger when he was first named CEO.

Disney Focuses On Division Leaders In Hunt For Iger’s Successor

Walt Disney Co.’s board is focusing on four divisional heads as part of a formal search for an eventual successor to Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger, people with knowledge of the matter said. The four are TV chief Dana Walden, ESPN’s Jimmy Pitaro, theme-parks boss Josh D’Amaro and Alan Bergman, who heads the film business, according to the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private conversations.

Disney’s Bob Iger Calls Proxy Battles A ‘Distraction’ From Focus On Building Profitability

The Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger said the proxy battle mounted by activist investors is a “distraction” for him and senior managers as they try to make a complex company more profitable. “We’re at this hard every day, and when you go from fixing [the company], which was significant and heavy lifting, to really creating meaningful growth for our shareholders, the only way to achieve that is by focus and this campaign is in a way to distract us, to take our eye off all those balls,” Iger said, speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology Media and Telecom Conference on Tuesday.

Elon Musk Opens New Front In Disney Fight

The billionaire’s willingness to pay legal bills for people who want to sue Disney is the latest foray against the company and CEO Bob Iger.

Bob Iger Strikes Back At Nelson Peltz And Activist Investors

Salary Of Disney CEO Iger Lowered To $31.6 Million Last Year; Board Rejects Candidates Nominated By Activist Investors

Tesla Hides Disney+ From Car Screens Amid Elon Musk’s Feud With Bob Iger


Iger Has Enough Antagonists For Three Disney Films

The entertainment giant has real issues, and now the CEO has to deal with the Greek chorus of Ron DeSantis, Nelson Peltz and Elon Musk at the same time.

Addicted To Disney: Why Ex-Executives Find It Hard To Stay Away

Walt Disney Co. is suddenly teeming with former executives. A number have returned or are angling to come back — from retired CEO Bob Iger, who resumed his duties a year ago, to former finance chief Jay Rasulo, who is seeking a board seat as part of a dissident investor group led by billionaire Nelson Peltz.

Disney Calls Existing Board ‘Highly Qualified’ After Unsolicited Nominations

Disney has formally responded to activist shareholder Trian Fund Management’s unsolicited nominations of Trian chief Nelson Peltz and former Disney CFO James Rasulo to the media giant’s board of directors. The company acknowledged the nominations and also noted that Trian has teamed up with former Marvel Entertainment boss Ike Perlmutter. The executive was pushed out of the company years ago by CEO Bob Iger. Rasulo at one time was considered a potential successor to Iger. His run as an executive lasted from 1986 to 2015, the last five of those years as CFO. He had also served a stint as Chairman of the company’s Parks and Resorts division.

Musk Calls For Bob Iger To Be Fired After Disney Pulls Ad Money From X

X boss Elon Musk called on Disney to “immediately” fire CEO Bob Iger on Thursday for allowing Mouse House ads to run on rival social media platforms that allegedly allowed child predators to target underage users. Musk’s escalated his feud with Iger — whom he told to “go f–k yourself” last week after Disney pulled its advertising from X — following a disputed report that its ads were running next to antisemitic content on the site formerly known as Twitter.

Ike’s Revenge? Ousted Marvel Mogul Looms As Disney Proxy Fight Heats Up

Disney says a “personal agenda” against Bob Iger by ousted exec Ike Perlmutter is fueling an activist investor’s new attempt to reshape the company’s board and grab more seats.

Disney Town Hall: Bob Iger Downplays Asset Sales, Offers No Big Updates

Disney CEO Bob Iger focused on instilling employees with renewed optimism about the Mouse House’s “blessed” and “fortunate” state during a virtual company-wide town hall Tuesday, rather than making any proclamations about the company’s future. The event, moderated by ABC News’ David Muir, was held just over a week after the one-year anniversary of Iger’s return to the helm at Disney.

Bob Iger And Top Disney Brass Get Set To Meet With Employees After Curtain Falls On A Challenging Fiscal Year

A year into the run of Bob Iger 2: Return of the CEO, the Walt Disney Co. has not yet rediscovered its mojo. For most of Iger’s initial 14-year stint in the corner office, Disney was the pace-setter in media and entertainment, pulling off stunning M&A deals and amassing a sizable competitive advantage. Now, the company has fallen back to the pack as a Biblical series of challenges have come to define a centennial year that many staffers would just as soon forget than commemorate. On Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. PT, Iger and a handful of top executives will convene a town hall for employees and there should be no shortage of questions on the minds of those listening to management frame the current circumstances.

Bob Iger Was Brought Back To Fix Disney. No One Said It Would Be Easy

The company has a hangover from its big streaming push. The stock has struggled, investors are restive and its key studios have been stretched.

Has Bob Iger Lost The Magic?

Disney’s legendary CEO came out of retirement to save the company — right in time for its 100th birthday. Nothing has gone his way.

Iger, Chapek And The Making Of An Epic Succession Mess

After pushing back his retirement four times, Bob Iger finally made the leap. On Feb. 25, 2020, he announced he would step down as Disney’s CEO. His hand-picked successor, Bob Chapek, then Disney’s parks chairman, would take over the day-to-day job of running the company, effective immediately. As part of the changing of the guard, the Disney board suggested the new CEO should take over Iger’s expansive office at Disney headquarters in Burbank, California. There was just one problem. Iger had no interest in moving out.


Is ABC Really For Sale?

A tipping point for the broadcast industry is coming, and part of it hinges on a problem that Disney chief Bob Iger created for himself.

Everyone Has An Idea About How To Fix Disney, But What About Bob Iger?

A growing consensus is forming among Wall Street analysts, former employees and industry experts that Disney should split in two


Bob Iger Is Supposed To Save Disney. It’s Not Going According To Plan

When Bob Iger returned to the helm of Disney nine months ago, after a brief retirement, the company and its shareholders seemed to breathe a collective sigh of relief. Finally, “Dad” is back to get everything in order. He signed on for a two-year contract — plenty of time to execute on his two-prong mission of shoring up Disney’s stock price and lining up a new successor. It’s not going great.

Bob Iger Taps Former Disney Execs Kevin Mayer, Tom Staggs To Advise On Legacy TV Assets

Their counsel will be sought as the studio grapples with declining linear TV revenues and an unprofitable streaming business after the Disney CEO teased a possible linear channels sell-off.


Is Disney Trying To Reset The Playing Field In TV?

Cory Treffiletti: Bob Iger is not a man who speaks off the cuff, so his recent comments and subsequent “damage control” about selling ESPN and ABC were not likely a misstep, but probably a more calculated means of generating interest and discussion over the state of traditional television. The larger question is not whether ESPN and ABC are valuable entities — it’s what format the two should be focusing on to succeed for the next 20 years.

Unpacking Bob Iger’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good PR Week

Many in Hollywood hoped the re-upped Disney CEO, long considered the corporate leader most in tune with talent, would emerge as a levelheaded mediator who could end the labor impasse. And then he spoke his mind.

Bob Iger Moves To Calm Disney Staff After Sparking ‘High Anxiety’ Over Potential Sale Of TV Assets

In an off-site meeting on Tuesday, the Disney chief executive spoke to senior leaders of the company’s television businesses. The meeting came just days after Iger made decidedly candid remarks to CNBC’s David Faber in which he said Disney’s linear business “may not be core” to the entertainment giant — a comment that immediately sent shockwaves through the industry.


If Disney Sells Off TV, It Won’t Be Simple

If CEO Bob Iger follows through on his desire to sell off the company’s linear TV business, the sale is likely to happen in pieces, experts say, and any potential buyer among broadcasters faces numerous complications.

WSJ: Bob Iger Isn’t Having Much Fun

Eight months after returning as Disney’s CEO, Iger is straining to put out fire after fire, including streaming losses, an activist investor and TV woes.

Disney Could Soon Sell Its TV Assets As Iger Says Business ‘May Not Be Core’ To The Company

Disney CEO Bob Iger opened the door to selling the company’s linear TV assets as the business struggles during the media industry’s transition to streaming and digital offerings. Iger appeared on CNBC on Thursday, the morning after the company announced it would extend his contract by two years through 2026. He returned to the helm of the company in November after Disney’s board ousted Bob Chapek with a two-year contract through 2024 and plans to find a next successor. Disney is going to be “expansive” in its thinking about the traditional TV business, leaving the door open to a possible sale of the networks. “They may not be core to Disney,” Iger said, adding the creativity that has come from those networks has been key for Disney.

Disney Extends Bob Iger’s Contract 2 More Years, Until 2026

Bob Iger will not be handing Disney over to a successor next year after all. Originally back as Mouse House CEO for just two years, Iger’s contract has now been extended another two years through the end of 2026, the company announced Wednesday.

Jeff Bezos And Bob Iger Top Sun Valley List, With AI And Streaming In Focus

Skeptical About VR Goggles? How Apple And Disney Could Create The Future Of Entertainment

At Apple’s last big developer conference, Bob Iger announced that Disney+ would be available on the tech company’s new virtual reality headset. It could be a fad — or the future of mass media.