Hybrid vehicles emerging as cost-effective alternative to traditional news trucks

As broadcasters feature more reporting from the field, they have begun deploying new types of smaller news vehicles that rely on cellular bonding, KA-Band satellite and IP microwave. The hybrids save on costs, and allow crews to be more nimble.


When Satellite, Microwave Just Won’t Do

For getting the news from field to studio, satellite and microwave have served broadcaster well for many years. But cellular uplink systems may be better and less costly alternative. Challenges of making the technology work reliably in tough news environment are being overcome and lease arrangements and data plans make it affordable.

Gray Deploying TVU Networks IP ENG Units

Gray Television is deploying the TVUPack for sending back news video from the field via cellular networks and WiFi and WiMax links at all 36 of its stations, said TVU Networks announced today. The TVUPack is housed in an aluminum backpack weighing just over 11 pounds, can store up to 12 hours of video and […]