Borrell: Local Advertising To Remain Virtually Flat In 2023

Borrell is projecting that local advertising will hit $120.7 billion this year and reach $121.5 billion in 2023, representing 0.6% growth. Digital forms of ad spending are forecast to grow 5.2% next year, while traditional forms of print, broadcast, outdoor and cable are collectively forecast to drop 6.5%. Broadcast TV will suffer the largest drop, declining by double digits.

Auto Dealers To Shift Ad Dollars Away From Broadcast And Cable

Auto dealers, one of the most important local advertising segments, will be shifting ad dollars away from broadcast TV and cable and increasing their spending on digital media, including streaming video and over-the-top, according to a new report from Borrell Associates. TV spending by auto dealers fell 11.2% in 2021 and Borell expects to see another 6% drop to $568.3 million 2022. The declines come after a 26% plunge in 2020.

Radio’s Digital Ad Revenue Breaks $1 Billion

Radio’s digital ad revenue blasted through the billion-dollar plateau for the first time, now accounting for 10% of total advertising revenue for the industry, according to research released today by the Radio Advertising Bureau and ad-tracking firm Borrell Associates. Radio stations grew revenues 25% in 2019 and are forecast to see growth of 29% this […]

Borrell Associates Names Jim Brown President

The company’s former sales director becomes president, succeeding Colby Atwood who now is executive director and senior adviser.

Facebook, Google Dominant In Local Ad Market

The social media giant and search engine now account for 70% of the $60 billion spent on digital advertising in 2018, says a new Borrell report, with Facebook leading the way. “Those expecting the social media juggernaut to collapse due to data breaches, fake news, and reports of click fraud may have more hope than reality in their expectations.”

Benchmarking Local Media’s Digital Revenues

Borrell Associates’ 15th annual Benchmarking Local Media’s Digital Revenues tracks the changes in local digital advertising versus that held by pureplay internet companies. This year marks a milestone for local advertising, the report says. “For the first time, local businesses will invest more of their marketing dollars in digital media than they will in community-based print and broadcast media.”

LOAC 2017

Facebook Offers Stations Valuable Upside

As broadcasters continue to navigate the hard decisions over letting their content live on Facebook’s Instant Articles, executives from Scripps, Tribune and WRAL offer ground game tips for maximizing and monetizing its use. They told attendees of the Borrell Associates conference Monday that Facebook Live is also proving to be a powerful outlet for breaking news — and selling sponsored content.

LOAC 2017

Digital Media: So Many Ways To Screw It Up

Three legacy media executives at the Borrell Associates’ Local Online Advertising Conference in New York Monday shared what they believe were sure-fire signs of impending digital failure. Among them: Selling just time or space, salespeople need to be omni-market; not reaching for viewers on all devices; over-reliance on display advertising and ignoring pay walls.

Social Media Use By Local Advertisers Soars

Between 2011 and 2016, local advertiser use of social media sites has grown from 57% to 85%, according to a new report from Borrell Associates. Facebook is the leading platform. As a lead-generator, social media is more popular than all other forms of advertising.

Borrell: Local TV Advertisers To Up Digital Buy

A new report from Borrell Associates says that 68% of all businesses that buy local TV commercials plan to increase their spending on digital and mobile media in 2017. “Broadcasters need to realize that it’s their game to lose.”

Borrell: Real Estate To Be $26B Ad Category

But that’s a 6.3% fall from a $27.6 billion high water mark in 2015, according to Borrell Associates’ Real Estate Advertising Update released Wednesday. Falling home sales are behind the trend, with millennials opting for renting over buying, and even digital ads are a casualty with an 8.5% cut.


Coming Slowdown In Auto Sales, Advertising

For six years now, auto sales have been booming, and auto advertising right along with them. But that’s unlikely to continue. Borrell Associates’ Kip Cassino and Corey Elliott talk about why they’re projecting the slowdown, how dealer and dealer association goals differ, and what trends media buyers and planners should be watching in the industry.

Report: More Auto Ad Dollars Going To Digital

Released today, Borrell Associates’ annual automotive advertising assessment finds that “dealers have begun an even stronger scale-back of expenditures in broadcast and print media,” as “dealers’ love affair with digital media is thinning the traditional-media pack.” Dealership consolidation and stagnation are also major factors in an auto advertising category expected to be $37.5 billion this year.


Free Political Advertising Webinar

Following the release of recalculated political advertising forecasts for 2016, Borrell Associates is offering a free 30-minute webinar on Thursday, April 7. Corey Elliott, VP of research, and Kip Cassino, EVP, will provide additional insights on the paper and political advertising. Click here to register. The full report can be downloaded here. Radio and digital get the biggest increase from the recast. State and local media expenditures are adjusted upward and by 2020 a vastly different political landscape will have been forged. 


More Election Dollars, Not All For Local TV

During the first three months of this year, $280 million was spent on the 2016 presidential election advertising. That deluge of spending prompted Borrell Associates  to bump up its forecast for political ad spending this year by 3.1%, representing an extra $357 million. What’s interesting is that Borrell says only half of that money will go to local TV. The rest will go to cable, online and radio. Corey Elliott, director of research at Borrell, talks about why interest is shifting slightly away from TV, the Donald Trump effect and what type of ads newspapers will see.

Biggest Political Ad Year Just Got Bigger

New data from Borrell Associates predicts political ad spending in 2016 will be $357 million (or 3%) greater than it predicted earlier, increasing to $11.7 billion. It says that when the candidate with the most delegates (Donald Trump) has spent the least on advertising and gets twice as much earned media as all of his opponents combined, there’s something unusual at play.



Borrell Panel: Streaming TV Will Rule In 2016

A panel of 300 media and advertising experts convened by Borrell Associates has some pretty radical prognostications for media in 2016: a massive shift of prime-time TV to streaming video; seeing the death of seven-day newspapers and print coupons; and most local media companies absorbing TV, newspaper and radio in their portfolios.


How Big Will Political Be For Spot In 2016?

Research firms Kantar/CMAG and Borrell have come up with vastly different forecasts for political spot spending next year — $3.3 billion and $4.7 billion, respectively. But whatever the number, the important thing is not to allow cable and digital to nibble away at it.

Digital Seen Cutting Into TV’s Political Ad Haul

Broadcast political TV advertising will again grow for the 2015-2016 political season, which includes the presidential race. But in years to come, digital platforms will eat into its political advertising share, according to new research from Borrell Associates.

Borrell: Local Advertising Hits Tipping Point

A Borrell Associates survey of small business owners released this morning finds that “advertising as we’ve come to know it is in decline.” The report, based on a survey of 7,228 small businesses, shows an acceleration in upward and downward trends for media buying, with more respondents planning to increase digital budgets than there were in 2011 and 2013 surveys, as well as more planning to abandon traditional media.


The Programmatic Ad Revolution Is On

To most media people, programmatic, or automated, buying is the equivalent of a flying car. It’s something they think of being way off in the future. But that perception is incorrect, according to a new report on local programmatic from Borrell Associates. Kip Cassino,  Borrell Associates EVP, talks about why programmatic is suddenly so hot, how national advertising will be impacted, and what sales reps can expect in this digital future.

$47B Of Local Ads Programmatic By 2019

Programmatic will draw $47 billion of local advertising by 2019, a new Borrell Associates report finds. By 2020, programmatic will comprise 85% of targeted banners and 67% of streaming video ads.


Borrell Panel Foresees Big Changes In Media

Online readership could pass print readership for newspapers by mid-2018, second-screen TV viewing could take over by the end of 2018 and streaming audio could kill more than half of radio stations by 2021, according to a new Borrell Research Panel.


Local Media Missing Digital Ad Opportunities

Most local TV, radio and newspaper outlets are leaving money on the table by not focusing on digital media when selling advertising to local businesses. That’s one of the finding in a new joint research study conducted by MFM – the Media Financial Management Association and Borrell Associates.

TV Stations To Generate $3B in Digital Ad Rev

Local TV broadcasters have shifted into high gear with digital advertising efforts, driving an estimated all-time high of nearly $3 billion in new ad revenue for stations this year, according to new research commissioned by the Television Bureau of Advertising. The Borrell study encompassed 815 stations and reports that broadcasters grew their digital revenue 15% last year.


2016 Online Political Ad Spend Set To Surge

Total online political ad spending is projected to soar to almost $1 billion in 2016 U.S. political races that are expected to generate more than $12 billion for all contests — almost $51 for every qualified voter — according to a report to be released today by Borrell Associates.

Borrell: Agency Services Key To New Growth

Most local media companies will choose not to offer digital agency services because investment in them dents profit margins, says Borrell Associates CEO Gordon Borrell, but companies that make the investment will find themselves generating significantly more revenue than their more staid competitors and will grab market share from declining yellow page and direct mail industries.

Borrell: Legacy Media To Lose Digital Share

Legacy media companies will continue to see their digital ad share slip away to digital pureplays over the next five years, with digital revenue at newspaper, TV and radio companies growing less than 5% per year, according to a new report from Borrell Associates.

Local Media Pioneers Tackle Big Data

For local media companies, the benefits of big data are many, including a positive impact on the bottom line, but harnessing that data presents a challenge. Working with big data invariably means stitching together a solution among a disparate field of vendors, as well as creating an in-house team to analyze the data. Not to mention the potential legal problems. Part one of a three-part special report on local media and big data, looking at the promises and challenges of this fast-changing field. Read part one here. Read the full report here.

Big Data Is A Very Big Deal To Local Media

As local media companies eye the potential of big data for deepening their engagement with audiences and advertisers, they are learning just how messy, expensive, incremental and imperfect the process can be. In the first of a three-part special report on local media and big data, NetNewsCheck looks at the promise and challenges of this fast-changing field.

On Mobile, Rev Strategies To Follow Users

As audiences shift to new platforms, media companies are left wondering how to generate revenue from new devices. The message from speakers at Borrell Associates’ “Social + Mobile – Show Me The Money!” conference in Chicago is that the revenue opportunities are there, if media companies know where to look.

Local Mobile Ad Spend To Double In ’13

Mobile is expected to become a bigger piece of the local mobile advertising landscape in 2013, rising from $1.5 billion last year to $3.2 billion in 2013, according to Borrell Associates’ new Local Ad Spending Report.

Borrell: Web Services Dwarf Online Ad Spend

SMBs are on average spending 72% of their online marketing budget on digital services such as consulting, SEO, email management and Web presence, compared to only 12.4% for advertising, according to a new report from Borrell Associates out today.


Online Auto Ad Spend To Rise 39% In 2012

Online media buys for the auto industry in 2012 are expected to rise 39%, to $11.9 billion,driving an overall 13.8% increase for the category the year, according to a new forecast from Borrell Associates.


Local Online Ad Spending Is Red Hot Again

Kip Cassino, EVP at Borrell Associates, talks about how digital advertising was affected by the recession, how traditional media companies are adjusting their Web strategies, and how newspapers are making a major Internet push.


Borrell Expects 25% Boost In TV Web Rev

TV stations should see a 25% jump in online advertising revenue during 2012, while radio outlets try to shake off their slow digital start, according to Borrell Associates’ new Benchmarking Local Online Media: 2011 Revenue Survey due out today.


Borrell: Local Web Ad Rev To Rise 21% In ’12

Local online advertising revenue is expected to grow 21% in 2012 and could soon push past newspapers if it continues its growth spurt through 2013, according to Borrell Associates’ new Benchmarking Local Online Media: 2011 Revenue Survey due out Tuesday.


CBS Local’s Kucharz Wins Borrell Merit Award

Ezra Kucharz, CBS Local Digital Media president, has been awarded Borrell Associates’ 2012 Award of Merit. The award was presented at a luncheon during the Borrell Local Online Advertising Conference.


2012 Reforecast: Total Up, Core Down Slightly

As TVNewsCheck checks back with broadcasters, reps and analysts we surveyed last fall, the spot ad market is looking stronger due to political ad spending. Back then, the consensus was total spot would climb 10.2% this year. Now, however, the spot seers say it’s more likely that number will be a point or two higher, even though core growth my be a little lower than orginally thought.

Stations ’12 Online Rev To Soar 35% To $2.7B

A new Borrell Associates study commissioned by TVB finds that TV stations’ local online ad revenue soared 41% to $1.97 billion last year, and will increase another 35% to $2.7 billion this year. The study also found that the average station garnered $858,256 in online sales last year.