Boston Stations On Anniversary Of Bombing

Boston stations had expanded local morning newscasts this morning to cover the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.


Promotion’s Delicate Balance During Tragedy

I know from experience in times of crisis at a TV station’s promotion department that little thought is given to any competitive situations; all energies are devoted to providing viewers the best news coverage each station can possibly generate. So I wasn’t surprised to hear that the marketing and creative services departments at Boston’s stations also recognized how the gravity of the Boston Marathon bombings changed their roles. So what did they do?


Thoughts On Boston, Shapiro, A.J., Epithets

I’ve got a lot on my mind this week. The iconic video of the explosions at the Boston Marathon was shot by the Boston Globe, a vivid reminder  that broadcasters are no longer alone in shooting news video on a professional basis. But the best overall TV coverage came not from the TV networks, but from their Boston affiliates. ~~ A speech by CEA’s Gary Shapiro shows that he doesn’t know innovation when he sees it. ~~ The saga of A.J. Clemente is being seen by some as an indictment of the state of small-market TV news. ~~ Kudos to ex-FCC chief Reed Hundt for taking a stand against the racist name of Washington’s NFL team. The city’s TV stations should do the same.


TV’s Fast And Furious Boston Coverage

The need for speed in journalism is as old as the job and that need has only grown in importance as technology has eliminated every last barrier to immediacy. But speed can kill. It’s a terrible thing to blow a big story as CNN and several other news outlets did on Wednesday by reporting that authorities had taken into custody or arrested a suspect.