Cyber Experts To Take On Converging Digital Disruptors And Media Industry Security

Leaders in compliance, investigation and technology integration from Comcast and Netflix will share how they assess today’s disruptors across digital platforms and how they’re reshaping the media industry during a panel at TVNewsCheck’s Cybersecurity for Broadcasters Retreat at the NAB Show New York on Oct. 26. Register here.

Two New Bots Can Help Newsrooms Prioritize Accessibility And Alt Text

Klobuchar: Fine Sites That Don’t Purge Bots

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter should be fined if they don’t weed out automated accounts, or bots, trying to influence U.S. public opinion, says Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.


More Disruptors For TV’s Attention

Modern marketers face the struggle of ever-fragmenting ways of getting in front of consumers. Television needs to accept that reality. Its advertisers need to use it in concert with other platforms, particularly social, and that will inevitably siphon off some of its advertising revenue. But TV still has the power to play that orchestrating role if it’s not too belligerent or myopic to pick up the baton.

What Are Bots? Here’s What You Should Know

While the technology to simulate conversation with a computer has been around for decades, bots — or “chatbots” — are an increasingly trendy model for software. This new obsession came on fast. But why? Where did these bots come from? Who is building them? What for? Is a fake conversation better than just clicking buttons? You’ll be hearing a lot more about bots soon, so here’s an overview.