Samsung Buys Streaming-Media Firm Boxee

Samsung has acquired Israeli-based streaming-media startup Boxee. The acquisition was presumably made so that Samsung can add the company’s cloud-based DVR to its smart TVs and other connected devices. The Marker reports that the purchase price was $30 million. That sum roughly matches Boxee’s total funding which is $26.5 million, according to the company’s website. The deal reportedly brings all Boxee employees — estimated around 45 people — to work for Samsung.

Boxee Rebrands, Cozies Up To Broadcasters

Boxee has changed the name of its box from Boxee TV to Boxee Cloud DVR and revamped the services it offers. The device manufacturer is aiming to cooperate with broadcasters by trying a fresh approach to DVR. CEO Avner Ronen: “Our pitch … is if we move the DVR to the cloud, we can do dynamic ad insertion, so instead of losing the ability to monetize that audience if they’re watching a week later or binge viewing if they’ve recorded the entire season, if you could serve fresh ads whenever somebody is watching it … that is a better way to monetize DVR.”

The Top 10 Biggest Threats To Pay TV

There’s a wide field of players with no shortage of innovative — but often flawed — strategies. Here’s how they stack up.

Wal-Mart To Start Selling Boxee TV Set-Top Box

Boxee Starts Shipping Boxee Live TV

Boxee, the Brooklyn-based startup that allows users to watch Internet shows on TV, is now shipping is latest innovation. The Boxee Live TV dongle allows users to watch live broadcast TV channels like ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC for free.

Boxee Selling Live TV Tuner For Cord-Cutting Users

Boxee Box Is Getting A Live TV Tuner

Viewsonic Kills Boxee-Powered TV Set

Boxee Gets $16.5M To Expand Connected TV

CES 2011

Boxee Inks CBS Deal, Working On iPad App


Over-The-Top TV At Bottom Of Station Plans

While a growing number of electronic devices are offering consumers the ability to bypass cable and satellite by delivering TV programming to their sets through broadband connections and Internet-connected TVs and other devices, TV stations aren’t rushing to get on board. Station groups say OTT services are simply too new and unknown. But if growth predictions are correct and if viewers continue to cut their cable cords, stations may have to turn to OTT outlets to insure their shows are reaching consumers.

Boxee Jumps Into Internet TV Pool

Boxee’s new Internet TV set-top box launches today (Nov. 10). The Boxee Box, which sells for $199, goes up against the likes of Google TV, Apple TV, Roku and TiVO.