‘Breaking News’ Label Spawns Twitter Feud Between Pittsburgh Stations

How The Media Covered The Mass Shootings In Georgia

Most news organizations tried to walk a fine line in their reporting even though details remained cloudy more than 24 hours after the shootings.

David Muir To Lead Breaking-News Duties At ABC

David Muir will start to lead breaking-news duties at ABC News, a new effort by the Walt Disney unit to rework an unorthodox arrangement involving two of its top anchors. Under a new structure, Muir will largely handle the bulk of ABC News’ special reports and news of national importance, while George Stephanopoulos, the Good Morning America and This Week anchor may shepherd similar efforts in the morning, according to three people familiar with the matter.

Four Questions For Your Newsroom When A Giant National Story Unfolds

Outlets Scrambled To Cover Bryant’s Death

Kobe Bryant’s shocking death forced major TV news and sports outlets to scramble on Sunday to cover the helicopter crash in Southern California that took the life of the legendary 41-year-old basketball star, his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven others.

How Can Local And National Work Together Better When Big News Breaks?

NBC News Shutters Breaking News Platform

NBC News is closing Breaking News, the website, mobile app and Twitter feed that has 9.4 million followers. “Experiments eventually need to sustain themselves and in this case, despite every effort, we just weren’t able to get there,” said Nick Ascheim, the site’s GM.


Murrow Award For KCRA’s Breaking News

NBC’s Breaking News Launches ‘Proximity Alerts’

Breaking News, a startup owned by NBC News, today debuted a new feature to its iOS app that pushes proximity-based news alerts when a big story breaks near a user’s physical location. Geo-targeted to mobile devices, the alerts highlight major stories that are relevant to people nearby, including significant earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, public safety alerts, […]


If It Ain’t ‘Breaking,’ Don’t Say It Is

WDRB Louisville, Ky., has stopped using “breaking news” to describe reports in its newscasts. It says it’s opted instead for “good journalism and storytelling.” The Block Communications Fox affiliate’s news director, Barry Fulmer, says: “We don’t want a marketing brand like “breaking news,” or anything else, dictate how we cover news.”


WDRB Drops Use Of ‘Breaking News’ Tag

The Louisville, Ky., Fox affiliate is running a promo that says: “You hear the term, ‘Breaking News’ quite frequently these days. It’s a marketing ploy to convince you that at television station is better at bringing you the news first, as it happens. The problem is, it’s just not true.”

DMA 66

Roanoke Stations Cover Virginia Tech Incident