FCC’s Carr Calls For ‘Net Version Of TV Martí To Connect Cubans

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has added his voice to that of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who are calling on the Biden Administration to allow private industry to get internet access to Cubans being denied that access by the Cuban government amid protests there.

FCC’s Carr Names Ben Arden Chief Of Staff

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has named Ben Arden to be his chief of staff. Arden had been a legal adviser to Carr since 2019. Arden was previously associate chief of the Media Bureau’s Video Division. Before joining the FCC in 2010, Arden was a communications attorney at Williams Mullen in D.C.

FCC’s Carr Blasts Attempt By House Dems To Shut Down Fox News

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr called an effort by House Democrats to pressure cable providers into removing Fox News and other conservative networks a “chilling transgression” of free speech, and asked his colleagues on the commission to denounce the lawmakers.

Commissioner Carr Makes 1,700-Foot Visit For WRBW Repack


Jessell | Trump’s Order On Social Becomes Carr’s Folly

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has tripped over himself publicly enthusing about President Trump’s executive order calling on the FCC to police social media. In his attempts to ingratiate himself with the president, he’s forgetting it’s Congress’ decision whether or not to give the agency oversight and enforcement duties over such media. ~ Also, remembering LPTV champion Mike Gravino.

FCC’s Carr: Trump’s Ally In Fight Against Tech

He rails against the “far left’s” hoaxes. He says the World Health Organization has been “beclowned” over its response to the coronavirus. And he describes a “secret and partisan surveillance machine” run by House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff. Those aren’t President Donald Trump’s words. They came from Brendan Carr, the junior Republican on the FCC, who is embracing a flavor of distinctly Trumpian rhetoric that could help him leapfrog his way to the chairmanship of the five-member regulatory agency.

FCC: Stations Can Team Up For Broadcast Internet

The FCC is proposing to help promote broadcasting as a new competitive broadband pipe by making it clear that legacy broadcast TV ownership regulations do not apply to broadcast-delivered internet services like over-the-top video and data. That is according to FCC commissioner Brendan Carr, who has been working on a draft declaratory ruling and notice of proposed rulemaking he says the FCC plans to vote on at its June public meeting.

FCC’s Carr: Far Left Is Trying To Weaponize FCC

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr told KDKA-AM Pittsburgh conservative radio show host Wendy Bell Wednesday evening (April 15) that groups like Free Press — he did not name them but made it clear who he was talking about — “are engaged in a sweeping and dangerous attempt to weaponize the FCC against political actors” it doesn’t like.

FCC’s Carr Calls Out EBS ‘Steward’

The FCC has taken flak for trying to free up spectrum in a band (2.5 GHz) used — or FCC Republicans would argue, underused — by educational broadband services (EBS), but Republican commissioner Brendan Carr says that some “national organizations” may be “siphoning millions of dollars” for purposes other than providing the teaching or educational material required, including for political activity.


FCC Commissioners Push For Diverse Ownership

FCC Commissioners Michael O’Rielly, Brendan Carr and Geoffrey Starks weighed in on localization and local broadcasters’ coverage of crises during an NAB Show panel session.

NAB Show To Feature FCC’s Pai, O’Rielly, Carr, Starks

The chairman and commissioners will appear at two different sessions at next month’s  Las Vegas gathering.

Senate Confirms Starks, Carr To FCC

After holds from Democrats that were lifted late last year, the Senate has confirmed FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr to a full, five-year term and has confirmed Democrat Geoffrey Starks to the open seat. Both had already been approved by the Senate Commerce Committee, Starks in June and Carr a year ago this month for his current hitch filling out an unexpired term.

Manchin Puts Hold On Carr Renomination

Sen. Joe Manchin has placed a hold on Republican Commissioner Brendan Carr’s renomination Thursday, a week after FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced that the agency’s Mobility Fund Phase II program would be suspended temporarily while regulators investigate whether major wireless carriers submitted false data on their coverage maps.

Commerce OKs Full Term For FCC’s Carr

The Senate Commerce Committee voted to confirm Commissioner Brendan Carr for a full five-year term at the FCC. The panel advanced the nomination in a 14-13 party-line vote on Thursday. Carr, a Republican, was nominated and confirmed in August to a partial term that was set to expire later this year.

FCC’s Pai Praises Carr On Renomination

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai had kind words today for fellow Republican FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr who was nominated for a full five-year term by President Trump. “I congratulate Brendan on his nomination to serve a full five-year term at the FCC,” Pai said. “He is a distinguished public servant who has hit the ground running during his first months as a Commissioner, including by leading the FCC’s efforts to expedite the deployment of wireless infrastructure.  I look forward to continuing to work with him in the months and years to come.”


No, The FCC Is Not Killing The Internet

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr: “Americans cherish a free and open Internet — and rightly so. It has revolutionized nearly every aspect of our lives. So, it’s no surprise that the recent announcement that the FCC will vote Dec. 14 to restore Internet freedom has been met with strong (and colorful) reactions. But, unfortunately, far too many are intentionally fanning the false flames of fear.”

FCC’s Brendan Carr Announces Staff

The new commissioner chooses three acting legal advisers and a confidential assistant. 

Senate Confirms Two FCC Nominees

The Senate on Thursday confirmed Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel and Republican Brendan Carr for seats on the FCC but did not yet reconfirm GOP Chairman Ajit Pai to another term.

Senate Panel Approves FCC Nominees

During a hearing on Wednesday, members of the Senate Commerce Committee voted to approve the confirmations of Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel and Republican Brendan Carr as FCC commissioners. Current Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s reconfirmation to the FCC was also approved by lawmakers. The trio’s confirmations will proceed to a Senate-wide vote

FCC Nominees Head To Senate This Week

Senators will get to work this week on President Trump’s FCC nominees. The agency has been operating with only three commissioners — two Republicans and a Democrat. On Wednesday, the Senate Commerce Committee is holding a confirmation hearing for the two open seats. Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel and Republican Brendan Carr will appear before the panel. If confirmed they would give the FCC a 3-2 Republican edge.


Safe Is The Word For Trump’s FCC, Thankfully

The newly constituted FCC is conservative and deregulatory, but in a way you would expect had any of the establishment Republicans won the White House last November. When Trump won, I worried that he would stack the FCC with nut-job loyalists so that he could follow through with his threats against the media. Luckily, that didn’t happen.

New FCC: Who Is Brendan Carr?

No eyebrows were raised over news Wednesday night that President Trump intends to nominate FCC general counsel Brendan Carr to fill the empty Republican Commission seat. While the move has been expected for weeks, Carr isn’t especially well known—at least among cable’s Washington crowd. Here are some observations.

Trump Nominates Brendan Carr To FCC

President Trump has named the FCC’s current general counsel as his pick to fill the final open Republican slot at the FCC. Brendan Carr’s nomination gives FCC Chairman Ajit Pai another reliable ally in executing his deregulatory agenda.

Trump May Have Found His FCC Nominees

President Donald Trump could soon fill the two open slots at the FCC, by tapping Brendan Carr, an aide to the FCC’s current Republican chairman, and Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat who previously served at the agency. At the moment, those two seasoned telecom policy experts are seen as the front-runners to fill the remaining seats at the five-member FCC, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter, though Trump has not yet formally nominated anyone.

Pai Appoints Acting FCC General Counsel

For the past three years, Carr has served as Commissioner Pai’s wireless, public safety and international legal adviser.