Brian Stelter Takes Role As Media And Democracy Fellow At Harvard’s Shorenstein Center

Former CNN host Brian Stelter has announced his next immediate move: He will be a fall 2022 fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. Stelter will hold discussions on the threats to democracy and the “range of potential responses from the news media,” according to the center.

CNN To Play ‘Inside Politics’ Reruns In Stelter Slot With No New Sunday Show In Sight

One week after Brian Stelter signed off the abruptly canceled Reliable Sources for the last time, CNN aired a rerun of Inside Politics during the Sunday morning time slot — and will continue to do so while it seeks a replacement.


The Horribly Timed Defenestration Of Brian Stelter

It’s not clear that even Stelter knows exactly what happened to his show, Reliable Sources. Appearing on air for his final episode Sunday, Stelter let at least a hint of bemusement cut through his typical sunny demeanor as he noted that Reliable Sources was CNN’s longest-running show — it recently celebrated 30 years on air, nine of them with Stelter as host — and that its ratings were good.


Final Edition Of ‘Reliable Sources’ Raises Questions About CNN’s Future

Stelter Says CNN Must Hold Media Accountable As Show Ends

CNN gave Stelter the chance to host a final episode of the 30-year Sunday morning program on the media even after it was learned this week that he and the show would be exiting — a gesture that’s relatively rare in television.

CNN Cancels ‘Reliable Sources,’ Brian Stelter Leaving Network

The show will have its last broadcast this Sunday. CNN has been looking to cut costs but also to put forth a less opinionated product.


CNN’s Brian Stelter Blindsided By Co-Author Of Fox News Study

Brian Stelter Will Host ‘Reliable Sources Daily’ on CNN+


CNN Must Investigate Chris Cuomo

Erik Wemple: “CNN flouted journalistic ethics in spring 2020 when it allowed Chris Cuomo to host his brother about a dozen times in flattering gab sessions — and then, when the governor’s covid-19 and sexual harassment scandals piled up in early 2021, the network somehow tracked down its internal guidelines and banned Chris Cuomo from covering his brother. That switcheroo is what is unprecedented.”

CNN & NPR Commentators Sued For Defamation By Ed Henry, Fired Fox News Host

Ex-Fox News Host Ed Henry filed two more defamation lawsuits Thursday in U.S. District Court in New York, naming NPR’s David Folkenflik and CNN’s Alysin Camerota and Brian Stelter (as well as their CNN parent, TBS) for their allegedly defamatory commentary and reporting on his firing by Fox News. The filings follow a similar lawsuit filed Wednesday in New York against Fox News and the channel’s CEO Suzanne Scott. That lawsuit also alleged defamation.

An Updated Version Of Brian Stelter’s ‘Hoax’ Coming In June

NEW YORK (AP) — CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter thought more than a quick update was necessary in preparing for the paperback edition of his book from last summer, “Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth.” In effect, he’s writing a substantially different book, adding some 20,000 words to the 95,000 […]

Fox News Staffers Feel Trapped In Trump Cult

Inside the network staffers are cringing, and even Trump’s “shadow chief of staff” has his doubts. “If you were hearing what I’m hearing, you’d be vaping too,” Sean Hannity told a colleague during Trump’s early days.

CNN’s Stelter Plans Book About Fox News, Trump


Is It Time For Journalists To Sign Off Twitter?

CNN’s Brian Stelter: “I used to think the transparency of Twitter helped improve trust in media. I think that’s true around the edges. But I’m leaning toward the Silicon Valley exec’s view that the incessant tweeting undermines trust. ‘You guys are down in the mud with the bots and the bad faith actors,’ the tech exec said.”

C-SPAN Caller Threatens To Shoot CNN Hosts

CNN hosts Don Lemon and Brian Stelter were the target of a death threat heard on-air Friday during a live C-SPAN program about Trump and his supporters’ dislike for news media.

Sinclair Stations Release Video Attacking CNN

On Tuesday, a link to a four-minute video specifically attacking CNN was posted atop the web sites of Sinclair’s stations. The video calls the network reprehensible for reporting on its directives, and said the “fake news” message was similar to warnings that CNN and its media reporter, Brian Stelter, have been giving for years. The video shows clips of Stelter’s reports. “Is it really news that fake news is a concern in 2018, or is this an attack on Sinclair?” the company said in Tuesday’s video.

Conway Spars With CNN Host Over Trump

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway reignited the White House’s bitter rivalry with CNN on Sunday, trading blows with host Brian Stelter over his network’s coverage of the administration.

Stelter: Internet Trolls Are "Media-Illiterate’

Brian Stelter: A Reporter Who Can’t Stop

Stelter, who at 31 is in his third year of hosting a Sunday morning show on CNN after a 6½-year stint at the New York Times is capable of a great deal. But there is one thing, it seems, that he struggles to do: Turn it off. Especially now, when he has become a ubiquitous presence on the cable network, when more viewers than ever are tuning in to his show, Reliable Sources, and when 477,000 followers stand ready to receive his daily onslaught of tweets.

Brian Stelter: FNC Spied On Him In College

The CNN Reliable Sources host said Fox News spied on him under the cover of a romance with one of the network’s staffers while he was in college running his TVNewser blog.

Stelter’s ‘Reliable Sources’ Gets First Demo Win

The Remarkable Rise Of Brian Stelter

Lifetime Adapting Stelter’s ‘Top Of The Morning’

Brian Stelter Debuts As ‘Reliable Sources’ Host

It’s Official: Stelter To Host ‘Reliable Sources’

In addition to hosting CNN’s Sunday media magazine show, former New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter also will serve as a senior correspondent reporting on media and entertainment news for CNN Worldwide throughout the week.

CNN Wooing NYT Media Reporter Brian Stelter

CNN is in advanced negotiations with New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter, people close to the situation say. Stelter, who has covered the television news and entertainment industry for the Times since 2007, would do the same for the cable news channel and is also expected to host the Sunday morning media magazine show Reliable Sources, a position that has been vacant since Howard Kurtz left for Fox News earlier this year.

Stelter To Guest Host CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’

NY Times Pans Brian Stelter’s Morning Show Book

NYT’s Stelter To Write Book About Morning TV