ACA Connects Names Veteran Telecom Executive Grant Spellmeyer As New CEO

The trade group’s new president will focus on piloting independent broadband providers in a rapidly changing market climate.

Federal Agencies To Share, Standardize, Broadband Data

The FCC, Department of Agriculture, National Telecommunications & Information Administration (all of which oversee broadband subsidy programs) and the Treasury Department have signed a memorandum of understanding agreeing to share “information about and collaborate regarding the collection and reporting of certain data and metrics relating to broadband deployment.” They have also agreed to, to the degree possible, develop “consistent, complementary, uniform formats, standard, protocols and reporting processes for that data.

White House Says Internet Providers To Discount Fee For Poor

Twenty internet companies have agreed to provide discounted service to low-income Americans. The $1 trillion infrastructure package passed by Congress last year included $14.2 billion funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program, which provides $30 monthly subsidies ($75 in tribal areas) on internet service for millions of lower-income households.

FCC Issues Plan To Combat Systemic Barriers To Broadband Equity

The FCC has issued its “Equity Action Plan,” which it said was “pursuant to the president’s executive order on advancing racial equity and support for underserved communities through the federal government.” The plan is primarily an outline of efforts already underway through a variety of legislative funding initiatives tied to COVID-19 and infrastructure upgrades, all of which have implications for closing the digital equity divide.

Biden Budget Has Even More Bucks For Broadband

FCC Adopts Rules Boosting Broadband Choice For Tenants

The FCC has unanimously voted to close what it says are loopholes that have allowed broadband providers to evade rules meant to give tenants in Multi-Tenant Environments (MTEs) — such as apartments, condos or mobile homes — choice among internet services.

NTIA Seeks Comment On Handing Out Broadband Billions

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration, the lead agency overseeing the Biden Administration’s tens of billions of dollars in new broadband subsidy aid authorized by the infrastructure bill, is seeking public input on just how to hand it out, primarily to states for their own broadband buildout efforts. NTIA, the White House’s chief communications policy adviser, has issued a request for comment, is distributing about $48 billion of the new law’s roughly $65 billion.

Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu To Oversee Historic Biden Broadband Investment

President Joe Biden has named former New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu to oversee the administration’s massive infrastructure plan, including the $65 billion investment in broadband. Landrieu will be senior adviser and infrastructure coordinator, directing historic investments in universal high-speed internet access, as well as money for roads, bridges, rail, ports, airports, climate “resilience” and more.

Kentucky Cable Operator Drops Cable

Barbourville (Ky.) Utilities moves to a broadband video model. It is not signing up any new cable customers, but will help any current customers who want to keep traditional video service through a deal with Dish, while pointing broadband subscribers to all the over-the-top video streaming service choices available through their broadband connections.

Biden Picks His Broadband Vanguard At FCC And Commerce Department

Comcast Touts 10G Connection Using Virtualization And FDX-Based DOCSIS 4.0

Comcast has established a successful 10 Gbps network-to-modem connection using virtualized CMTS and the full duplex version of the new DOCSIS 4.0 standard, the cable company announced Thursday from the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers‘ once-again-virtualized Cable-Tec Expo conference.

FCC Handing Out $163 Million More In Rural Broadband Bucks

The FCC has authorized more than $163 million to 42 providers in the second round of phase one of Rural Digital Opportunity Fund broadband buildouts. The second round will cover approximately 65,000 locations in 21 states. “More help is on the way to households without broadband,” said FCC Acting Chair Jessica Rosenworcel.

How Slow Will the Broadband Slowdown Be?

Comcast Stock Falls As CFO Signals Broadband Slowdown

Comcast stock fell Tuesday after its chief financial officer signaled a third-quarter slowdown in broadband subscriber growth, which had been a bright spot during the shift to work-from-home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hurricane Ida Takes Toll On Broadcasting, Cable

As of Monday, over 350,000 cable subscribers were without service in the path of Hurricane Ida, with 338,115 of those in Louisiana, where the category four storm made landfall with sustained winds of 150 mph. On the broadcast side, two TV stations reported being out of service, WGNO and WNOL, both in New Orleans.

FCC Won’t Make Broadcasters Pay Share Of Broadband Mapping

In a victory for local broadcasters, the FCC has decided not to make them shoulder some of the costs of the FCC’s congressional mandate to collect better data on broadband, but, for now, won’t make Big Tech pay an FCC user fee for the benefit that tech companies receive from unlicensed spectrum or FCC-administered broadband subsidies.

Gigabit-Speed U.S. Broadband Subscribers More Than Doubled In 2Q

Those who take 1 gig or higher now account for 10.5% of the market, OpenVault says.

White House Promotes $65 Billion In Broadband Investment

The White House led off an infrastructure promotion fact sheet distributed to the media Thursday (July 8) with the impact of a bipartisan framework on high-speed internet, particularly in rural and tribal areas, and President Joe Biden’s pledge to get broadband into every home. The Biden administration also doubled down on its definition of availability as including speed and price.

AT&T Wants To Be Premier Broadband Provider

Less than a month after it basically severed the last arm of its previous content-centric future strategy, AT&T Communications CEO Jeff McElfresh said the phone giant has “historically been complicated. It’s hard to understand AT&T’s future. Well, maybe I can clear it up here. We intend to be the nation’s premier broadband connectivity provider, period.”

Report: Gigabit-Speed Broadband Subscribers Increase 75%

Although data usage moderated in the first quarter of 2021 after pandemic-fueled rapid growth last year, subscribers continued to adapt to the new broadband environment by embracing faster speeds, according to the 1Q 2021 OVBI (OpenVault Broadband Insights) report. The report was issued today by OpenVault, a market-leading source of SaaS-based revenue and network improvement solutions […]

Rosenworcel Asks Broadcasters To Promote Broadband

Acting FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel wants broadcasters to promote their over-the-top (broadband) competition, but in a good cause. In an OTT video speech to the National Association of Broadcasters virtual State Leadership Conference this week, Rosenworcel praised broadcasters as vital first informers, including providing key help for small businesses, encouraging vaccinations, and other pandemic-related help, then hit them up for a public interest favor.

AT&T’s Brenda Laboy Joins Comcast In Top Engineering Post

FCC To Collect Consumer Broadband Experiences

The FCC today announced it will begin collecting first-hand accounts on broadband availability and service quality directly from consumers as part of its Broadband Data Collection program. A new webpage,, explains the FCC’s program and provides direct links to consumer resources including a new “share your broadband experience” option. As the commission develops the tools needed […]

TV Helps ‘Broadband-First’ Players Stay In The Video Game

It’s no secret that cable operators and telcos of all sizes have adopted a “broadband-first” stance that emphasizes high-margin, high-speed Internet service and effectively relegates pay-TV to the back seat. But streaming video services, a market that’s now teeming with dozens of virtual multichannel video programming distributors (vMVPDs) and subscription VoD services, remain a key reason why many consumers are connecting to speedy broadband offerings in the first place. At the same time, though, the sheer volume of OTT video service options on the market makes it a challenge for consumers to figure out which ones best suit their entertainment needs as well as the size of their pocketbooks.

Altice USA To Buy Morris Broadband For $310M

Altice USA said it has agreed to purchase Morris Broadband, a high-speed data, video and voice services provider based in North Carolina, in a deal that implies a $310 million enterprise value. The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of this year.

FCC Approves Amazon’s Kuiper Project

Amazon has received authorization from the FCC to proceed with Project Kuiper, its initiative to launch a fleet of low-orbiting satellites that would be used to provide broadband internet access to underserved communities in the U.S. With the commission’s green light, Amazon will now be able to begin the deployment of its 3,236 satellites.

Thomas Criticizes His Past Opinion On Cable

In the case, known as Brand X, the court sided with the Federal Communications Commission’s decision not to regulate broadband cable providers, rejecting a federal appeals court ruling that would have required regulation. “Although I authored Brand X, ‘it is never too late to surrender former views to a better considered position,’ ” Thomas wrote, borrowing language from Justice Robert Jackson in 1950. Thomas wrote a dissenting opinion Monday when the court declined to take on a case asking it to overrule the Brand X decision.

No More Fear and Loathing Over Video Subscriber Losses


Dash Of Broadband Could Empower ATSC 3.0

Tech vendors and broadcasters led by Sinclair and Weigel are developing ways to offer high-resolution TV and targeted advertising by layering broadband content on top of the basic ATSC 3.0 over-the-air signals.

Amazon To Launch Satellites For Broadband

Amazon is planning to build a network of more than 3,000 satellites federal filings reveal, in an ambitious attempt to provide global internet access. Known as Project Kuiper, the move represents the latest space ambition from Jeff Bezos.

Moffett: Video Just Doesn’t Matter

Video customers are worth substantially less than their broadband counterparts as viewership and focus continues to shift away from providing pay TV service and more toward broadband connectivity, MoffettNathanson principal and senior analyst Craig Moffett said at the National Cable Television Cooperative Winter Education Conference in Atlanta Monday.

Oregon Establishes Broadband Office

Gov. Kate Brown issued an executive order establishing the Oregon Broadband Office within the Oregon Business Development Department. The governor’s recommended budget includes funding to fully staff the new broadband office.  “This is an economic and equity issue, ” said Brown. “Broadband is essential for businesses to grow, and for schools, health care providers and first responders to deliver the highest quality of service.”

FCC Weighs Plan For More Wi-Fi Spectrum

The FCC is poised to consider expanding uses for a swath of airwaves to accommodate surging Wi-Fi demand. The agency will vote at its Oct. 23 monthly meeting on proposed rules to open up spectrum in the 6 gigahertz spectrum band to millions of Wi-Fi-connected devices, including smartphones, video game consoles and baby monitors. As much as 1 GHz of spectrum could be opened up for unlicensed use, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a blog post previewing the commission’s meeting agenda.

Pai Wants $1B For Networks In PR, VI

Chairman Ajit Pai steps up the FCC’s efforts to help the island territories repair and expand wireless and broadband networks devastated by last year’s hurricanes.

AT&T Testing Fast Internet Over Power Lines

AT&T has started trials in Georgia and a non-U.S. location to deliver high-speed internet over power lines, the No. 2 wireless carrier said on Wednesday, marking its latest push to offer faster broadband service to more customers.

Cities Clamor For More Clout At The FCC

The rules of broadband are changing, and local governments want a say in how they evolve. In an ex parte filing last week with the FCC, several municipal officials, along with a representative of the National League of Cities, “encouraged the commission to work in the direction of partnership with, rather than preemption of, local officials, who share the commission’s goal of closing the digital divide.”

Most Pay TV Subs Stay Due To Broadband

The rumbling under the ground of traditional television is growing louder according to the results of Deloitte’s latest annual Digital Democracy Survey, which polled 2,131 U.S. consumers in early November. The audit, consulting, tax and advisory firm found that 74% of U.S. households subscribe to pay TV and about two-thirds of these people say they keep it because it’s bundled with internet service.

Newest Cord-Cutting: Snipping Broadband

People are starting to chop their subscriptions to save money, just as they do with cable. Smartphones and wifi make the internet accessible without broadband.

FCC Passes Broadband Privacy Rules

The FCC on Thursday passed sweeping privacy rules that limit broadband providers’ ability to engage in online behavioral advertising. The rules, passed by a 3-2 vote, prohibit Internet service providers from drawing on information about subscribers’ Web activity and app usage for ad targeting.


Apps, Broadband, Broadcast = 3.0 Interactivity

Many of the same app developers focused on the web today will help bring interactivity to ATSC 3.0 viewers in the future thanks to the standard’s W3C compliance and clever use of broadcast, broadband and non-real-time content in the home. Above, NAB’s So Vang demos the interactive in-home experience offered by 3.0 in the NAB Futures Zone during the NAB Show last month.