A Multimedia Future Demands Agnostic CMS

For TV broadcasters, newspapers and radio stations, a truly cross-platform CMS that can easily cross over legacy lines and integrate disparate systems and workflows is the grail. A future in which media companies become multimedia organizations may be closer than some think. “Those barriers are coming down,” says WorldNow’s Craig Smith. “The industry needs to break down those barriers.” Part three of a three-part special report. Read the full report here.


CMS Vendors Vie On Changing Terrain

Local newspapers and broadcasters today are seeking content management systems that are faster and more complex than ever before. And while vendors are constantly developing new products to keep up with evolving demands, the industry is facing contraction. “There are just too many players, and nobody is really big enough to have any control,” says Internet Broadcasting’s Elmer Baldwin. “There are some that just aren’t going to survive.” Part two of a three-part special report. Read part one here

BIM Forms MdotLabs To Fight Phony Traffic

Broadcast Interactive Media will spin off MdotLabs to publishers and advertisers to identify and avoid invalid traffic. BIM estimates that the phony traffic is costing the online ad ecosystem about $10 billion per year.

BIM Launches Mobile Apps For Stations

Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) has introduced mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms that can be rapidly deployed by its client base of hundreds of television station websites. “Since we already manage the Web content for most of our station clients, we can tap into the existing workflow of all text, images and video to […]

The Big Five: Inside TV’s Platform Vendors

Five companies — Broadcast Interactive Media, EndPlay, Inergize Digital, Internet Broadcasting and WorldNow — dominate the business of providing digitial platforms and related services to broadcasters. Here’s a quick rundown of the five and what they are thinking. Broadcast Interactive Media Services: On the technology side, BIM works with Limelight, formerly Clickability, on CMS services […]

The Big Five: Inside TV’s Digital Vendors

Many TV station groups rely on a small group of outside vendors for Web and mobile platforms and related services, which compete with one another for business from broadcasters and, increasingly, newspaper publishers. Here’s the quick rundown of these companies and what they are thinking.

BIM Adds Telemundo Stations, Renews NBC O&Os

Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), a provider of revenue generation tools and data services for local media, announced today that Telemundo Station Group has selected BIM as its website technology provider. Telemundo will re-launch 10 station sites on the BIM platform by the end of the year. Headquartered in Miami, Telemundo reaches 94% of U.S. Hispanic […]

Expway-BIM Aims To Monetize Mobile DTV

Expway, maker of the technology enabling interactive mobile DTV, and Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), a technology company specializing in revenue, content and technical solutions for TV websites, have partnered to provide targeted advertising to mobile DTV viewers.

Cross MediaWorks, BIM Offer iPhone/Android App

Cross MediaWorks’ mobile advertising division announced a new initiative with Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), a provider of locally-focused revenue, content and technical solutions for TV, radio and newspaper websites. Through Cross MediaWorks, BIM is expanding its mobile offering by providing clients with a toolbox of native smart phone apps, specially designed and written using the […]

Broadcast Interactive Media Offers MediaStar 3.0

Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) has introduced MediaStar 3.0, an intuitive management tool that lets broadcasters oversee station program schedules through a cohesive interface. MediaStar 3.0 allows broadcasters to streamline productivity and eliminate redundant, time-consuming data-entry processes TitanTV Media, acquired by Broadcast Interactive Media in early 2010, has been developing the new management software over the […]