Personalizing the Viewer Relationship: Membership, Custom News Products and Community Building

Before streaming grew into a giant, broadcasters didn’t have to think about a one-on-one relationship with viewers, but streaming, ATSC 3.0 and subscription strategies for streaming and mobile force TV networks and stations to monitor and develop relationships like never before. How are they pursuing this challenge and how is technology – and marketing – […]

Catching Up on NextGen TV

What are broadcasters learning from continued rollouts of ATSC 3? How are they progressing with cable operators passing signals through? How many SFN rollouts are planned for the next 24 months? How important is the automotive market for enabling NextGen TV in cars and where are broadcasters and manufacturers on making this possible?  

Audience Segmentation & Optimizing Spot TV

How are leading media buying agencies targeting beyond the traditional age/income demographics? How are they targeting buying intent and potential and how are broadcasters helping them reach their prospects more effectively?

Fall Brings New Shows And More Services

To aid your media battle plan, here’s a selection of new shows coming your way, along with notable series returns. The services range from free over-the-air commercial and public TV networks (after $25 or so for a basic digital antenna) to the more-indulgent cable and streaming choices.

Broadcast Losing Ground, Cable Gains

Broadcast ratings erosion continues to tug at the big networks — down double-digit percentages, while cable networks are up slightly — through roughly three-quarters of the 2010-2011 TV season.