Jessell | Do Broadcasters Deserve A Bit Of C-Band Gold?

As owners of earth stations, broadcasters may be able to cut themselves in for a portion of the billions that satellite operators hope to get from the sale of some of their C-band spectrum to 5G wireless carriers. But I’d rather see the taxpayers get the excess proceeds.

Padden Steps Down From C-Band Alliance Post

Preston Padden, head of advocacy for the C-Band Alliance, which advocates for marketplace deals to repurpose C-Band spectrum, has exited the organization as of March 5. But Padden will still be keeping his hand in. He said he will work with his successor on a C-Band transition plan that will “silence our critics,” and consult with CBA from his home base in Colorado.


A Path To 5G That Makes Sense

The C-Band Alliance’s voluntary, market-based plan to clear 200 MHz for 5G wireless while fully protecting the TV and other current C-band customers. This should be a “no brainer” — private companies using their own capital to clear voluntarily the mid-band spectrum necessary to bring 5G to all Americans and to stay even with China in the race to 5G while protecting existing customers.

Group Formed To Facilitate C-Band Sharing

Intelsat, SES, Eutelsat and Telesat have formed the C-band Alliance to figure out how they can clear some of their satellite spectrum for resale to wireless carriers without disrupting service to current users, which include TV networks. Bill Tolpegin and Preston Padden, speculators in the FCC’s incentive auction, are heading the alliance.