NAB And CAB Blast Meta For Blocking News

Among other remarks, the organizations’ joint statement said: “Meta – a nearly trillion-dollar company – repeatedly chooses to restrict news content for its users to avoid compensating news producers for the value it gains on their vital journalism. These retaliatory tactics demonstrate Meta’s monopolistic dominance over the advertising marketplace and its ability to dictate how radio and TV broadcasters, newspapers and others can reach audiences online.”


It’s Not A Video Revolution, It’s TV’s Evolution

Sean Cunningham, CEO of the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau: “TV content fuels the growth engine of American business. It delivers the scale and immediacy that big brands can’t build without. Getting a clear picture on all TV viewing is critical to advertisers. The obstacle is a measurement industry that hasn’t evolved with viewers’ content commitment. Until we have an industry-accepted, single-source measurement for viewing across all platforms, there won’t be complete transparency in video, and the full range of connections won’t be usable for marketers.”

Cable’s Upfront Dollars Fell 6% To $9.6B

Advertisers committed fewer dollars to national cable TV networks for the first time since before the 2009-10 TV season, according to data released Thursday.

CAB Eyes Cable Upfront Haul At $9.29 Billion

After a frenzied selling season that saw top-tier cable network groups writing price increases of as much as 15%, the final tally for the 2011-12 upfront is in. At the risk of trafficking in a vast form of understatement, business was a-boomin’. According to calculations made by the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau, ad-supported cable nets took in $9.29 billion in upfront commitments, making this the most lucrative sell-off in history.

CAB: Cable Ads Hit Record $27.1B In 2010

The Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau called 2010 the industry’s best year ever with national ad sales growing 9.6% To $20.5 billion and local sales up 20% to $6.6 billion.