CNN’s Chris Cuomo Testified In NY Investigation Into Brother Andrew Cuomo

Judge Andrew Napolitano Is Out At Fox News

Fox News Employee Alleges Harassment, Discrimination In Lawsuit

John Fawcett, who works on the Kudlow show hosted by Larry Kudlow on Fox Business Network, claims in his lawsuit filed in state Supreme Court in Manhattan that “sexual harassment, sex discrimination, and racial discrimination are still tolerated at Fox.”


New ‘NewsNation’ Ad Campaign Pledges ‘News For All America’

NewsNation, Nexstar Media’s nascent cable network, is set to launch a new promotional campaign across the country in September. “What you hear and see in this campaign is very much a decidedly different tone of voice,” says Jonathan Killian, NewsNation’s VP of creative marketing and brand communication.


Staunch Fox News Sponsor MyPillow Seeks To Pull Ads In Election Fraud Flap


Trump Is Gone, But The Media’s Misinformation Challenge Is Still Here

Should news outlets contextualize false claims made by powerful people? Or ignore them completely? There is no consensus in the industry, but its thinking continues to evolve.

Hearing Exposes TV Viewers To Blunt Language, Racial Slurs

The first day of a House investigation into the Jan. 6 uprising at the U.S. Capitol featured emotional testimony from four police officers who defended the Capitol and video clips of violence and mayhem. It was shown live widely, but not uniformly, on several television networks. Cable networks CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC carried the hearing, lasting more than three hours, in full. ABC preempted daytime programming to air most of it but not CBS and NBC. Instead of compelling their local stations to carry it, those networks said it was optional.

CNN’s ‘New Day’ Hits 7-Year Ratings Low In July

News & Documentary Emmy Nominations: ‘60 Minutes’ & ‘Vice News Tonight’ Lead Programs; PBS Tops Nets

PBS leads the nominations for the 42nd annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards, as it usually does, this year scoring 52 noms over last year’s 48. Vice News Tonight, which topped all programs with 16 noms in 2020, equaled that number this year but is tied with CBS’s 60 Minutes.

Rochester Reporter Records ‘Gross’ Harassment In The Field

C-SPAN Ups Nate Hurst To Political Editor

C-SPAN today promoted Nate Hurst to political editor. He will oversee C-SPAN’s campaign coverage including races for the White House, Congress, state and local elections of national importance. Hurst has been C-SPAN’s deputy political editor since 2019. He joined the network in 2014 and has held several vital roles regularly producing congressional hearings, international legislatures, and the U.N. He’s also produced original C-SPAN content including season two of C-SPAN’s Landmark Cases and January […]

Biden On CNN Gets Smaller Audience Than Normal Night On Fox News

Fox News Airs PSA Telling Viewers ‘Get The Vaccine’

Fox News Remains Most-Watched Cable Net, Grows From Previous Week

Conservative Media Offers Mixed Messages On COVID Vaccine

Skepticism about the COVID-19 vaccination is a common theme in media appealing to conservatives, despite assurances from doctors and scientists that the vaccine is safe and effective. Some medical experts worry that conflicting takes and outright distrust of the vaccine shown by influential media personalities contribute to a failure to meet inoculation goals aimed at arresting the pandemic.

Fox News’ Steve Doocy Tells Unvaccinated Viewers To ‘Get the Shot’

NewsNation Expanding Programming, Adds Dan Abrams, New A.M. Show

Beginning Sept. 27, the Nexstar cable network will feature 55 hours of live news, analysis and talk each week. Abrams will host Dan Abrams Live and Adrienne Bankert will anchor its new live national weekday newscast Morning in America.

CNN Snares Kasie Hunt From NBC In Big Bet On Streaming

CNN has snatched Kasie Hunt, the Capitol Hill correspondent long viewed as a rising star at NBC News, as part of an aggressive bid to push the WarnerMedia cable-news outlet into the new frontier of streaming video. Sources say she will focus largely on content that is produced for streaming viewers as part of a big bet being made by Jeff Zucker, president of CNN.

Fox News Hosts Mark 10th Anniversary Of ‘The Five’

Kasie Hunt Announces She’s Leaving MSNBC

Kasie Hunt closed Friday’s episode of Way Too Early with a surprising announcement that it would be her last show hosting and even suggested she was leaving MSNBC. Tweets from various media beat reporters and colleagues appear to confirm Hunt’s sudden and surprise departure from NBC News.

Pew: Led By Fox, Big Cable News Nets Fared Well In 2020

Despite the pandemic, 2020 was a good year for cable news channels on a number of fronts, according to a Pew Research Center analysis released Tuesday (July 13), with Fox News leading the way. Pew, which issues an annual review of key audience and economic indicators from a variety of sectors and sources, pointed out that the prime time viewership for the three biggest news channels — CNN, Fox and MSNBC — were all up.

MSNBC Plans Peacock Push With New Shows

Mika Brzezinski, Jonathan Capehart, Michael Beschloss, Nicolle Wallace have new projects in development as MSNBC’s Peacock channel rebrands itself, tied to the cable channel’s 25th anniversary.

MSNBC The Most Valuable Name In News

Fox News Channel may have the biggest average audience, as well as gross revenues of the cable news networks, but when it comes to a key Madison Avenue metric — CPMs — MSNBC is the most valued. A MediaPost analysis of data released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center analyzing the 2020 audience size and economics of the major cable news networks, reveals that MSNBC generates an average of $423 per primetime household reached annually, which is about 10% more valuable than the second most valued cable news network, Fox News’ $386 per primetime household reached.

Inside Shepard Smith’s Post-Fox News Crash On CNBC

The ex-Fox anchor’s much-hyped new show has failed to bring in viewers and, according to insiders, it has struggled with some internal turmoil, including “regular tantrums” from Smith.

How Tucker Carlson Became The Voice Of White Grievance

With the defeat of former president Donald Trump and the death of Rush Limbaugh, the Fox News host has emerged as a dominant force shaping a Republican Party energized by racial resentment.

Fox News Wins Week In Primetime And Total Day


Despite Outbreaks Among Unvaccinated, Fox News Hosts Smear Shots

Months after Rupert Murdoch got a Covid-19 dose, one of his network’s stars, Tucker Carlson, called a Biden vaccination proposal “the greatest scandal in my lifetime.”

‘The Five’ Hits 10 Years On Fox News

Rupert Murdoch Reportedly Made The Call To Bury Trump’s Election Night Dreams

Both Kushner and Trump are said to have personally pleaded with the Fox News owner to retract the call.

NewsNation Launching Two New Weeknight Programs

On July 19, NewsNation: Rush Hour will be anchored by Nichole Berlie at 6 p.m. ET, with On Balance with Leland Vittert debuting at 8.

Retired Fox News Digital Senior Editor Janet Cawley Dies At 75

Sean Hannity’s Trump Town Hall Is Most-Watched Show Of The Week

Tucker Carlson Claims NSA Leaked His Private Emails To Journalists

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday claimed the National Security Agency leaked some of his private emails to journalists. Carlson made the allegation during a Wednesday morning appearance on Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria.

Fox’s New Channel Changes The Climate For Weather TV

As viewers tune out cable news, Rupert Murdoch is preparing the debut of Fox Weather, a potentially powerful new player in a sphere long dominated by the Weather Channel.

Rachel Nichols Apologizes After Leaked Audio Leads To Internal Rift At ESPN


Former Murdoch Executive Padden: Fox News Is Poison For America

Preston Padden: “The Rupert Murdoch I worked for was brilliant, courageous, optimistic and a gentleman. Which makes his bile-filled network all the more confounding.”

AT&T Sells, Will Lease CNN Center

A Florida-based real estate company has purchased the iconic CNN Center in downtown Atlanta, but its current occupants are staying put. AT&T, which owns CNN as a result of its 2018 acquisition of Time Warner, will lease the building from its new owners for a “a number of years.” The deal comes as AT&T prepares to spin off WarnerMedia, whose holdings include CNN, and combine it with Discovery and its stable of networks.

Fox News Marks 19 Straight Weeks At No. 1 In Total Day; CNN & MSNBC See Ratings Growth

CNN & NPR Commentators Sued For Defamation By Ed Henry, Fired Fox News Host

Ex-Fox News Host Ed Henry filed two more defamation lawsuits Thursday in U.S. District Court in New York, naming NPR’s David Folkenflik and CNN’s Alysin Camerota and Brian Stelter (as well as their CNN parent, TBS) for their allegedly defamatory commentary and reporting on his firing by Fox News. The filings follow a similar lawsuit filed Wednesday in New York against Fox News and the channel’s CEO Suzanne Scott. That lawsuit also alleged defamation.

Former Fox News Host Ed Henry Sues News Channel, CEO Suzanne Scott For Defamation In Sex Misconduct Firing