Ocasio-Cortez Says Fox News Airs ‘Unmitigated Racism’

NEW YORK (AP) — A day after Fox News’ Tucker Carlson aired a segment describing her congressional district as “filled with garbage,” U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized the network on Wednesday for airing “unmitigated racism” with no accountability. She tweeted Wednesday that describing immigrants as dirty is a “lazy, tired, racist trope.” The liberal New York […]

Fox News Ends 2019 With Biggest Primetime Ratings Ever

Fox News Whistleblowers Claim TV Retaliation

Dropped by agents, careers chopped short, many women who brought harassment suits against the network say they’ve been branded as toxic in TV news and wear a scarlet letter: “I couldn’t bounce back.”

Fox News Begins December At Top Of Cable Ratings

Bill Hemmer To Fill Shep Smith’s Time Slot

Bill Hemmer will anchor an hour long newscast on Fox News Channel starting in January, filling the time slot after Shepard Smith’s departure. Bill Hemmer Reports will launch on Jan. 20. Hemmer will exit Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom, which airs from 9 a.m. to noon ET, and a rotating journalist will join anchor Sandra Smith until a permanent co-anchor is named.

FNC Sued Over Carlson’s ‘Extortion’ Analogy

Karen McDougal is suing Fox News for slander after Tucker Carlson invoked her situation in an effort to play down Donald Trump’s Ukraine troubles.

CNN Employee Says Superior Threatened To ‘Kill’ Him Over Discrimination Lawsuit

Fox News Mulls Taking Fox Nation Live

Fox News is considering launching a live linear feed of Fox Nation, its year-old subscription OTT platform that features a mix of original and repurposed shows for streaming and some live events.

Devin Nunes Sues CNN For $435 Million

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has sued CNN for more than $435 million in a defamation suit filed on Tuesday in Virginia. The 47-page lawsuit opened by calling CNN “the mother of fake news” that was “eroding the fabric of America” and claimed that the network published a “demonstrably false hit piece” about Nunes on Nov. 22.

Fox News Personalities Stump For GOP

Despite Fox’s apparent misgivings about the practice, Jeanine Pirro and other Fox hosts and paid contributors have attended Republican fundraisers and stumped for GOP candidates in recent weeks. The practice, apparently routine at Fox News, is unusual elsewhere; most news organizations prohibit their employees from such participation on the grounds that it compromises the independence of the organization. A Fox spokeswoman said the network “has addressed the issue with its contributors and hosts, as well as third-party agents, such as book publicists, who book events.”

News 12 Long Island Morning Anchor Returns To Work After Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis

MSNBC Apologizes For Mistaking Ousted Navy Secretary For White Supremacist

Fox News Tops Basic Cable for 41 Consecutive Months In Total Day

Andrew Yang Lashes Out At MSNBC

The entrepreneur-turned-presidential candidate has spent the better part of a week accusing the network of “systematic bias” against his campaign after he had the least amount of speaking time at last week’s debate. And he kept up the drumbeat Monday. “MSNBC is trying to suppress and minimize my campaign because there are certain other candidates that they might favor,” Yang said, declining to elaborate.

Trump Unloads To Fox News

The president spent nearly an hour riffing on topics from Nancy Pelosi to Hong Kong in what one of the network’s hosts called a “stress release.”

Shepard Smith Donates $500,000 To Journalism Nonprofit

Fox Pushed To Correct Guest Who Seemed To Call Vindman A Spy

NEW YORK (AP) — Fox News has given no indication that it plans to address on the air a segment that ran on Laura Ingraham’s show where a guest appeared to question whether Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was a spy. Vindman, who’s assigned to the National Security Council in the White House, testified Tuesday […]


It Looks Like GOP Wants To Impeach The Media

Kathleen Parker: “As the second week of the impeachment hearings began, Republicans reintroduced an old theme for the usual purposes: Everything is the media’s fault, and America wouldn’t be in this jam but for journalists being puppets of the Democratic Party.”

MSNBC Debate Draws Least Of Any This Year

Wednesday’s Democratic debate drops 31% in the key demo from CNN’s last month, attracting 6.5 million viewers.

Fox News Hosts Bash Impeachment Hearings

NEW YORK (AP) — The reviews are biting: “mind-numbingly dull,” “a huge dud” and “a frickin’ joke.” Yet they’re coming from an unusual place — Fox News Channel personalities talking about the programming that their network has spent hours televising over the past week. Fox’s wall-to-wall coverage of the House’s impeachment hearings against President Donald […]

Joshua Johnson To Leave ‘1A’ For MSNBC

Neil Cavuto Rips Trump For Attack On Chris Wallace

MSNBC Apologizes, Issues On-Air Correction For Leaving Andrew Yang Off Polling Graphic

Tense TV: CNN’s Blitzer Asks Kellyanne Conway About Husband

NEW YORK (AP) — Kellyanne Conway told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he embarrassed himself following a tense exchange Thursday where he asked the White House counselor to respond to her husband’s criticism of President Donald Trump on television. Lawyer George Conway has frequently attacked his wife’s boss on social media. MSNBC brought him into the […]

Millions Watched Opening Of Trump Hearings

For six hours, career diplomats George Kent and Bill Taylor sat before Congress and answered questions. But from the immediate media response, it was hard to shake the sense that the proceedings didn’t pierce partisan gridlock or pre-set opinions.

C-SPAN Goes Big On Impeachment Hearings

C-SPAN coverage of a ho-hum congressional hearing usually features three cameras — one head-on camera for the chair; one for the witness; and another side camera for the committee members. There will be no standard operating procedure come Wednesday morning, however. C-SPAN will have seven cameras around the hearing room — two cameras for the chair and other members; two cameras for either side; one witness camera; and two high and wide cameras for that panoramic look. The additional cameras will enable C-SPAN to “better capture the interaction among everybody” in the room.

Fox Analyst Napolitano Emerges As Trump Critic

Andrew Napolitano, who joined Fox News in 1998, has emerged as one of Donald Trump’s bluntest critics on a network where the president expects to hear encouragement.

CNBC Ending Production Of ‘On The Money’ And ‘Nightly Business Report’

Impeachment Inquiry Heads To Live TV

When the House impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump begins its public phase on Wednesday, people will be watching on screens large and small. Many, in fact, are likely to be watching the proceedings on more than one screen, with real-time reinforcement of their preexisting views of Trump on social media platforms and other venues that did not exist in Nixon’s time.

Impeachment Hearings On Broadcast, Cable

The first open impeachment hearing on President Trump of the House intelligence committee’s hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. ET on Wednesday, with the second on Friday at 11 a.m.

FNC Beats Laurie Luhn’s Defamation Suit

The former employee in April filed a $120 million lawsuit against the company and its CEO, Suzanne Scott, alleging that she was sexually abused by Roger Ailes and later defamed.

Fox News Guest Names Suspected Ukraine Whistleblower

Fox Sets ‘Wall-To-Wall’ Impeachment Coverage

Public impeachment hearings begin Nov. 13, Rep. Adam Schiff said Wednesday (Nov. 6), and, not surprisingly, C-SPAN immediately announced plans to cover them gavel-to-gavel. A Fox News Channel spokesperson told Broadcasting & Cable that it will also cover the hearings “wall-to-wall,” specific anchors yet to be determined.

Fox News Host Among The Few To Criticize Trump And Not Get Hit Back

Carlson Wants To Speak Freely About FNC

Former Fox News Channel newswoman Gretchen Carlson says she’s asked to be let out of her NDA and talked to other Fox News employees who left with similar settlements about pressing the network to be let out of the agreements. “Companies are saying that they want to be open and transparent and that they have worked tirelessly to make their work environments safer,” she told The Associated Press. “And if that’s the truth, then they should let us out.”

MSNBC Promotes Betsy Korona To Executive Director Of News For MSNBC And NBC News Now

CNN Staffers Shocked WarnerMedia Hired Morgan Freeman After Sexual Harassment Allegations

Catherine Herridge Leaving Fox News For CBS News

Will Fox News Face A Conservative Rival?

None of the “amateurish” challengers to the Murdochs’ cash-cow cable channel has the resources to compete, leaving a door open for a well-funded conglomerate (say, ViacomCBS) to roll the dice.

FNC Elevates Contributor Lawrence Jones To Expanded Role

Fox News Channel has elevated network contributor Lawrence Jones to a regular substitute host and co-host role, effective immediately. In this capacity, Jones will make appearances on a range of programs, including The Five (weekdays at 5 p.m. ET) and Outnumbered (weekdays at noon ET). He will also continue to serve as host of Fox Nation’s Keeping up with Jones and Man […]