Comcast Set To Raise Broadcast TV Surcharges

Comcast has started notifying customers and municipalities that it plans to raise video and Internet prices next month, including a whopping $7.35 a month increase for the Broadcast TV fee in one town.

Spectrum Raising Broadcast TV Fee 22%

Spectrum is planning a rate increase for cable TV customers, increasing broadcast TV fees to $16.45/month. The change will cause Spectrum’s broadcast TV fee to increase by $2.95/month. Those with Spectrum’s stream TV packages will also see the $2.95/month charge, taking the surcharge on those packages up to $8.95/month. The increases could come as early as next month.

Cable To Subs: Blame Hikes On Retrans, Sports

Comcast, Cox Communications and Charter Communications are blaming retransmission consent fees and sports rights for hikes to their monthly cable rates.

Comcast Readies Another Round Of Rate Hikes

If you are a Comcast customer, be prepared for a price hike. Comcast is rolling out price hikes across the nation, and according to a new Comcast price sheet, the hikes will go into effect on Dec. 18.