cameras in Congress


Let C-SPAN’s Cameras Back Into The House

Watching Congress has been boring last week, and not just because the speaker drama got resolved. When the House came back into session last Monday night to vote on its rules package for the next two years, citizens viewing at home saw less of what was happening on the floor because government employees, instead of independent C-SPAN camera operators, once again controlled the video feed and projected staid and static images of the dais. During the days before the new Congress was sworn in, Americans were given a rare opportunity to see their representatives at work elsewhere in the chamber, engaging in candid give-and-take. We support bipartisan efforts to make that the new norm in the people’s House.

C-SPAN Asks Kevin McCarthy To Allow Its Cameras In House Chamber For More Than Just Special Event


Eliminate TV Coverage From Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Joe Ferullo: “It’s time to eliminate television coverage from Supreme Court confirmation hearings. These Senate proceedings continue to devolve into an opportunity for politicians to play to the cameras, mollify their political bases, and create soundbites that will make effective campaign commercials for the next election cycle.”