CBS’s Poltrack Updates CPA Progress

David Poltrack, president of CBS Vision and chief research officer of CBS, is the visionary who created the Campaign Performance Audit, an initiative on measuring return on ad spend. CPA was first presented at the 2014 ARF and focuses on five components.After three years in the field, Poltrack and his team have completed the fifth and final component, helping to understand creative in context. Here he offers an update on the initiative’s progress.

CBS Gets Into The Big Data Game

BS may have launched a new streaming service (and announced a new one for daughter network Showtime on the heels of the Apple press conference where HBO Now was unveiled), but traditional TV is where it’s at, as far as the television company is concerned. Today, the company unveiled a new product designed to demonstrate TV’s reach power to CBS clients, which it’s calling “Campaign Performance Audit,” or CPA.