Cable Giants Insist That Forcing Them To Make Cancellations Easier Violates Their First Amendment Rights

Neither the FCC nor FTC has a particularly good track record of standing up to broadband and cable giants when it comes to their longstanding track record of anticompetitive behavior, price gouging or nickel-and-diming their often captive customers with bogus, hidden fees. Though occasionally one of the two agencies does step in to try make a bare minimum effort to rein in the industry’s worst impulses, such as the FTC’s attempt, unveiled last March, to force companies to stop making canceling service a pain in the ass. But the cable and broadband industry, which has a long and proud tradition of whining about every last consumer protection requirement (no matter how basic), is kicking back at that requirement.

The Devil They Know: Why the Big 4 Broadcasters Are Canceling Fewer Shows

The surprise of Magnum P.I. getting cut by CBS is due in part to the fact that broadcasters have sharply cut down on cancellations in the past two seasons.

Bloodbath: 14 Shows Canceled In 24 Hours

A total of 14 broadcast series were dispatched to TV’s dreaded MIA Network on Friday as the major networks began cleaning house in advance of next week’s fall presentations (aka the “Upfronts”). The body count was highest at ABC.

Cancellation Jitters: 7 Shows In Danger

‘Tis the season to start worrying about your favorite show getting canceled. With 2018 drawing to a close, it’s time to assess which broadcast series are entering the new year with big shiny targets on their backs.

Cancellation Clock Ticking For New Series

After just a few weeks into the new TV season, Betrayal, Welcome to the Family and others are in real trouble. These follow Lucky 7 and We are Men, which were axed after just two outings.

NBC Closes ‘The Playboy Club’

With declining ratings since its premiere two weeks ago, the drama gets the ax, becomming the new season’s first cancellation.

Lifetime Pulls The Plug On ‘The Protector’

HBO Yanks ‘In Treatment’ After Three Seasons

Quick Cancellations Hurting Broadcast Nets?

Five new broadcast network shows have been canceled in the first seven weeks of the new TV season and some industry observers are wondering if the networks are pulling the plug too soon.