Twitter Becomes First Social Media Platform To Allow Cannabis Ads In US


Collins | Cannabis-Related Advertising A Cloudy Situation

There’s no question that the laws around the sale of marijuana and other cannabis-derived products are changing. Unfortunately, advertising for products containing marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD) or even hemp is constrained by a web of federal and state laws. Moreover, these laws are in a state of flux. Here are some recommendations on how to navigate through the weeds.


Jessell | Cannabis A Potential Balm For Core Advertising

The cannabis business presents strong opportunities for broadcast’s core advertising, but it’s a legal and regulatory minefield. Still, there’s hope broadcasters can get a much-needed safe harbor to accept ads for properly vetted CBD and marijuana products via banking legislation in the Senate.

Navigating Cannabis Advertising

An unstoppable green wave, the global cannabis market is projected to reach $166 billion by 2025. Marketing marijuana remains challenging — even with more cannabis companies than ever.


FTC, FDA Send CBD Cease & Desist Letters

The developments surrounding the regulation of cannabis products, and the impact of that regulation on the ability of broadcasters and other media companies to run ads for these products, continue on an almost daily basis. What does it all mean for media companies that have been approached to advertise these products?