Cybersecurity Roundtable: Clear Text Protocols as Potential Threat Surfaces in Broadcast Technology

Media technology employs numerous legacy clear text protocols that may present a little noticed attack surface. How can security professionals at media companies and vendors identify and neutralize the dangers? Note: All CBR Roundtables wrap up with a period during which attendees may ask speakers and CBR Advisory Board Members questions about any security topic.

Cybersecurity Roundtable: Vulnerability Management in Broadcast

Broadcast technology can introduce constraints to the environment that can be challenging to vulnerability management. As a result an organization may end up with a quite a pile of software vulnerabilities. It would be interesting to discuss our group’s experience with this topic and also discuss how everyone is dealing with this in terms of […]

Cybersecurity Roundtable: Security & NextGen TV

NextGen TV turns TV signals into internet streams. This CBR Roundtable will offer a thorough update on how to secure operations to protect broadcasters and consumers. Note: New to media & entertainment industry security? Working on a challenging project? Each CBR Roundtable ends with a conversation during which you may ask speakers or CBR Advisory […]

Cybersecurity Roundtable: Cyber Risk Quantification — Next Generation Risk Management

How can security executives overcome challenges in current state-of-the-art approaches so that their investments in security will mitigate risk measurable in a consistent, objective and repeatable fashion. An overview of existing frameworks, discussion of the cyber risk quantification approaches and a look at real world outcomes. Roundtable Leader: Patrick Duessel, VP Information Security, CBS Corp.

Cybersecurity Roundtable: Devices & Supply Chain Security

How are media companies securing hardware that will attach to the supply chains they are planning and building? How are they working with broadcast technology vendors to secure devices and infrastructure? Can the industry define certifications that would identify safe devices for broadcasters.

Performance Campaigns & Optimizing Spot TV

Media buying agencies and station groups have been refining the performance-based campaigns, designed to deliver better value to national advertisers investing in local. How are these important campaign strategies evolving in 2021? Are media buyers and sellers resolving issues, including in audience measurement, that have complicated execution? How well is technology keeping up with the […]

CBR: Next-Gen Networks / SDWAN

Network design is critically important to a company’s security posture and management. How are companies phasing out firewalls and planning the networks of their future? How can careful planning prevent cost over-runs and unnecessary complexity? Note: All CBR webinars wrap up with a period when attendees may ask speakers and CBR board members questions on […]