TVN Tech | Social Media Management Gets Smarter

Vendors are offering better tools to help newsrooms plan and generate social media posts with more integrated and streamlined solutions with a view to reducing “tool fatigue” and decreasing the turnaround time on new posts.

CBS Local Acquires Event Listing Service

CBS Local says joining forces with Eventful, which connects consumers with information on events, will result in more engaging digital content for users, whether they are interested in music, entertainment, sports or where to go in their hometown. The merger will also provide new opportunities for marketers to reach consumers through a combination of digital, broadcast and live event platforms.


CMS Vendors Vie On Changing Terrain

Local newspapers and broadcasters today are seeking content management systems that are faster and more complex than ever before. And while vendors are constantly developing new products to keep up with evolving demands, the industry is facing contraction. “There are just too many players, and nobody is really big enough to have any control,” says Internet Broadcasting’s Elmer Baldwin. “There are some that just aren’t going to survive.” Part two of a three-part special report. Read part one here


For Media Firms, CMS World Gets Complex

Content management systems serving the local media industry have taken a quantum leap forward, and choosing the right CMS has become more complicated than ever. Media companies have some difficult choices: select a system from a vendor, build one in-house or use an open-source system. Ron Stitt, VP of digital media at Fox Television Stations: “The pace of development is still constantly accelerating, and the landscape is incredibly complex when you factor in not just the front end but also the underlying platforms, devices, operating systems, display formats, distribution schemes and advertising/tracking requirements.” Part one of a three-part special report. Read the full report here.


Channel Conflict, Ad Nets Toxic To Digital

In the second part of his exclusive interview with NetNewsCheck, Ezra Kucharz, president of digital for CBS Local, says some of the channel conflict and ad networks pose the biggest threats to digital sales growth. Kucharz: “Ad networks are becoming an interesting problem. A lot of marketers are going to ad networks to create pressure on price.”