How Millions Paid To Celebrities For Super Bowl Ads Can Pay Off

The debut of a Ben Affleck-led campaign for Dunkin’ led to record sales — but can brands like Uber Eats prove that the sky-high cost of A-list endorsements is still worthwhile? Pictured: Jennifer Aniston in an Uber Eats ad.

Many Network Shows A Platform For Celebrity

Few things on television could seem more pleasingly old-fashioned and simply entertaining than NBC’s Hollywood Game Night. But in a more dispiriting sense, Hollywood Game Night also serves as another reminder that we live in a sad, unimaginative era of acquiescence to celebrity status. Large swaths of network TV — from morning shows to late-night, from midday to afternoon to prime time — have been given over to constant, publicist-pleasing opportunities for stars to advance their own brands, unchallenged, and pass off their self-promotion as the very definition of fun.