Will Digital Media Own Next-Gen TV At CES?

In three weeks, thousands of consumer marketing executives will descend on Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show.


Shapiro’s Blind Spot: Broadcast TV Innovation

Gary Shapiro, the president of the Consumer Electronics Association, uses his new book, The Comeback, to argue the importance of taking spectrum away for TV broadcasters and giving it to broadband providers. What he totally misses or ignores in his arguments is that broadcasters are moving rapidly to use their spectrum to introduce mobile DTV, a service that, by any definition, is innovative and, given the quality of the programming, more important than many of wireless gimcracks and geegaws shown at CES.


TV Makers Fumble Toward The Future

Electronics makers are covering all bases as they rush headlong into a “smart” TV market deemed the next stage of evolution, trying to figure out just what will catch on with consumers using increasingly sophisticated displays in living rooms.

CES 2011

CES 2011: Rough Count Tallies 140,000 Attendees

CES 2011

Hulu Heading For Android Devices

Speaking at Samsung’s keynote at CES yesterday yesterday, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar said that its Hulu Plus service will be coming to Android handsets “in the coming months.”

CES 2011

Yahoo TV Lures Viewers, Aids Advertisers

Yahoo is trying to lure viewers from cable connections striking deals with Ford, Mattel and Microsoft in an effort to start up a number of new “enhanced” TV features. The Yahoo Connected TV platform is working with tech companies and a slew of TV networks ABC, CBS, HSN, and Showtime to entice viewers.

CES 2011

Connected TVs Offer Promise, Challenges

If CES 2011 is any indication of the future of the TV viewing experience, it appears that the days of TV sets that deliver only crystal-clear images will go the way of a wired telephone handset that delivers only crystal-clear sound.

CES 2011

Boxee Inks CBS Deal, Working On iPad App

CES 2011

Bewkes Seeks Help For TV Everywhere

“We have every distribution network and content company trying to create a uniform approach for this,” Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes said at the Consumer Electronics Show. “Let’s try to keep it simple. This is the best room in the world to develop the innovation to make this happen.”

CES 2011

Genachowski Takes Spectrum Push To CES

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will tell Consumer Electronics Show attendees that broadcasters who are not making “effective use of the capabilities of their spectrum” should have it put to a “higher use for other purposes.”

CES 2011

NAB’s Smith Blasts Shapiro Over Spectrum

The broadcasting lobbyist says that Consumer Electronics Association President Gary Shapiro’s opening speech accusing TV broadcasters of “squatting now on our broadband future” misses the mark. “He simply sees a world of wireless broadband, and that’s just not what the future holds,” Smith said. And the NAB chief also accused Shapiro of being out of touch: “He apparently was writing a book and missed the cord-cutting phenomenon.”

CES 2011

CE Suppliers’ Tack: Make 3D Ubiquitous

CES press-conference day featured plenty of new product announcements, and, while “smart” TVs may have been a consistent hot topic, the 3D announcements suggested that 3D has some staying power. And a number of innovations are proving that some of the gating factors, such as expensive glasses, may eventually be a thing of the past.

CES 2011

Pay TV Moves To Adapt To Internet Age

Cisco and Comcast unveil new technology meant to keep subscribers in the fold.

CES 2011

A Bonanza in TV Set Sales Fades Away

Most people who wanted a flat-screen TV have one, and 3D and Internet connections are not catching on with consumers.

CES 2011

Sony Plans IPTV Hookup With TWC

Time Warner Cable will deliver its entire video programming lineup to customers with Sony’s Internet-connected Bravia HDTVs this year.

CES 2011

Mobile500 Alliance Grows To 92% Of U.S.

The Mobile500 Alliance says it has rapidly expanded its membership since it first launched in September 2010. The group now represents broadcast companies that own 414 stations covering 92% of the U.S.  

CES 2011

3D Set Makers To Offer Cheaper Glasses

Manufacturers don’t plan to completely supplant the 3D TVs that require the heavier, battery-powered glasses, which went on sale last year for the first time.

CES 2011

Comcast To Air Live TV on iPads, Tablets

Comcast says it plans to offer live television programming on iPads and other computer tablets later this year. For the iPad alone, Comcast says it will provide nearly 3,000 hours of TV content on demand.


MVC Outsources Mobile DTV Encryption

Digital security technology specialist Nagra-Kudelski will handle “conditional access” as the Mobile Content Venture outlines that and other technical details of its upcoming mobile DTV service.

CES 2011

ESPN 3D To Go 24-Hour On Valentine’s Day

CES 2011

CES To Be Mobile DTV’s Coming Out Party

The Open Mobile Video Coalition, led by Anne Schelle (left),  will highlight mobile DTV tech during the annual convention in Las Vegas this week, explaining the technology and displaying the growing number of devices equipped to receive mobile DTV. It will release more encouraging results from its recent consumer trial, and it will open up its ranks to non-broadcasters — device manufacturers, app developers, content providers and others hoping to exploit the new platform. Backing it up will be representatives of two consortia of broadcasters — the Mobile Content Venture and the Mobile500 Alliance — committed to bringing the mobile DTV services to market this year.