Jessell | For Broadcasters, CES Points To ATSC 3.0

At CES last week, UltraHD displays, cars as entertainment centers and datacasting looked like real opportunities and the new broadcast standard is just the thing to exploit them.


Sinclair: Future Of 3.0 May Be On The Road

Sinclair and its ONE Media innovations group announced key deals with Harmon and Korea’s SK Telecom at CES this week to jointly develop and commercialize broadcasting-based automotive technology using the ATSC 3.0 standard. “The whole vehicular space is one that is increasingly connected,” says Sinclair’s Mark Aitken.

Turner’s Levy Enthusiastic About Legal Betting

Turner President David Levy picked perhaps the perfect venue, Las Vegas, to offer his bullish predictions about the future of sports betting. Levy said this change in the legal landscape is a boon for sports broadcasters like Turner, allowing them to capitalize on new experiences and revenue opportunities. “Here’s what we know about sports betting,” Levy said in remarks Wednesday at CES. “If you bet on a game, you’re 80% to 90% more likely to watch the event. If you’re more engaged, guess what happens to ratings? Ratings will go up.”

CES 2019

Brands, Platform Agility Will Buoy TV’s Future

Executives from Viacom, Sling TV, Discovery and Group Nine said Wednesday at CES that holding on to audiences in a fragmented video ecosystem comes down to leveraging quality brands and embracing the platform agnosticism that their audiences already follow.

Sinclair, SK Telecom, Harman In 3.0 Deal

The three companies will jointly develop and commercialize a broadcasting network-based automotive platform in the U.S. and globally. The advanced automotive platform will be applied with ATSC 3.0-based broadcasting solutions to provide terrestrial TV broadcasting, HD map updates, V2X, etc. The three companies will seek business opportunities in the global market for connected cars.

CES 2019

Virtual Reality’s Buzz Faded At CES

A few years ago, VR products from Samsung, Oculus, HTC and Sony seemed omnipresent and unstoppable at CES. These days, VR is mostly a niche product for gaming and business training, held back by expensive, clunky headsets, a paucity of interesting software and other technological shortcomings.

CES 2019

Verizon, Disney StudioLab Tout 5G Partnership

5G-enabled cloud-based production workflows, live volumetric video and delivery of movies to theaters are some of the developments that Disney’s StudioLab — an R&D unit launched on the Disney lot last year — will aim to make a reality with its new StudioLab Innovation Partner, Verizon.

CES 2019

Broadcasters Need To Connect To Connected Cars

An NAB-sponsored panel on connected cars made the case that broadcasters must work closely with auto OEMs to shape their future there, while broadcasters’ content is their greatest leverage in the relationship.

CES 2019

Advanced 3.0 Chip Launched For Mobile, Broadcast

Sinclair’s ONE Media and Saankhya Labs introduce the “world’s most advanced” multi-standard demodulator system-on-a-chip in Las Vegas.

Sinclair, SK Telecom Form 3.0 Joint Venture

The two will fund and manage a joint venture company within the first quarter of this year that would provide ATSC 3.0 standards-based solutions to all U.S. broadcasting companies and seek other opportunities globally.