Jodie Foster, ‘Big C’ Creator Develop Sony TV Comedy


New Harris CEO Getting Set To ‘Double Down’

Charlie Vogt, who replaced Harris Morris as CEO of Harris Broadcast this week, says he’s eager to learn the company and the broadcast industry and ready to shape Harris’ strategy. “Clearly, we’re going to invest the dollars where we feel like the market is trending to. The team has got to be very thoughtful and really smart about where we want to place our chips, and what bets we want to double down on,” Vogt says in an exclusive interview with TVNewsCheck.

Charlie Sheen Offers To Pay ‘Men’ Crew

Sheen Too Valuable To Let Go … For Now

The star of ratings powerhouse Two and a Half Men makes so much money for CBS that the network is willing to forgive his myriad legal and personal transgressions. But as one industry insider notes, there is a tipping point.