Ricki Wertz, Star Of WTAE Pittsburgh’s ‘Ricki And Copper,’ Dies At 86

Dan Schneider Once Reigned Over Children’s TV. What Happened?

Nickelodeon’s longtime hitmaker separated from the company in 2018 and has been trailed by questions about his abrupt departure. Now he is talking about making a return to television. Above, In 2014, Schneider accepted Nickelodeon’s first and only Lifetime Achievement Award. He was surrounded onstage by young actors whose careers he had launched.

‘A Sense of Belonging’ For Hispanic Children, With Puppets

Club Mundo Kids, a new TV series debuting on Telemundo on April 10, is the latest result of a push for programming that uses Spanish to reach Latino audiences.

How Kids Television Became The Most Heated Front In The Streaming Wars

The world of kids TV has long been thought to be a peaceful one, a place where Blue’s Clues, The Baby-Sitters’ Club, Phineas and Ferb and Rugrats are left alone to ramble and play. As more consumers move to streaming-video services, however, kids properties are taking on new importance — and many major entertainment outlets, both traditional and upstart, are gearing for battle.

Parents Thrilled To See ‘Little Brat’ PBS Kids Show ‘Caillou’ Canceled

Warner Hires Ascheim To Head Kids Unit

AT&T’s Warner Bros. unit has hired Disney exec Tom Ascheim as president of global kids, young adults and classics at Warner Bros. Ascheim, who had headed Freeform at Disney, will be responsible for global strategy for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Boomerang, managing the Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. animation studios and overseeing Turner Classic Movies.

Streaming Kids Shows Embrace Iconic Brands

New streaming services are competing for kids’ eyeballs not only from each other but also from shows on YouTube and traditional broadcast channels. Often the safest way forward is piggybacking on established titles that parents already know from their childhood and leaning into the nostalgia.

It’s OK To Let Your Kids Watch TV. Really

Nexstar Pays $100K To Resolve FCC Investigation

The FCC has resolved its investigation into a couple of Nexstar stations that failed to comply with children’s TV reporting requirements, which follows its dismissal of a retrans complaint against the broadcaster that comes in the context of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s circulation of an item approving Nexstar’s merger with Tribune. The commission likes to resolve pending issues with a merger party that could impact its standing as a licensee before deciding whether to let it own more stations.

50 Years of Sunny Days on ‘Sesame Street’

As the groundbreaking children’s series celebrates five decades with 150 million viewers, its producers offer The Hollywood Reporter extraordinary access to Big Bird, Cookie Monster and the minds behind one of media’s only universally loved franchises — and reveal how a $100 million-a-year mainstay nearly went out of business.

NBC/Telemundo Settles FCC Kids Investigation

NBC/Telemundo has agreed to pay $495,000 to settle an FCC investigation into whether it fulfilled its children’s TV programming obligation — in several instances, it didn’t. (The amount of the settlement was initially incorrectly reported as in the millions of dollars).

Carole Hart, Producer-Writer Of Kids TV, Dies

Lower-Income Kids Watch More TV, Digital Media

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Children in lower-income families spend more time watching TV and using electronic devices than kids in more affluent homes, according to a survey released Thursday. The report by the nonprofit group Common Sense Media on the viewing habits of more than 1,400 children nationwide age 8 and under found that less-affluent […]

‘Sesame Street’ Premieres 48th Season On Nov. 11


E/I Rule For Diginets Is Unnecessary, Outdated

The FCC’s 1996 requirement that stations air three hours a week of educational or informational programming was well meaning, but its later expansion to each of a station’s subchannels has proven to be overreach, rendered moot by the explosion of sources of such programming. It’s time the FCC let the diginets stick to their intended brands of programming.

NAB: Dump Kidvid Requirement For Diginets

When the FCC extended its three-hour weekly requirement for kidvid programming to subchannels in 2004, the NAB said, the commission promised to reconsider the move within three years, but never did. “Given technological developments, changes in how consumers access video programming and the growth in child-oriented content online and on-demand over the past two decades, the FCC should initiate this long overdue proceeding forthwith,” NAB said.

PTC Applauds Rosenworcel FCC Renomination

The Parents Television Council today urged the Senate to approve Jessica Rosenworcel’s renomination to the FCC, and called on President Trump to fill the remaining commissioner slot with a nominee who will advocate for children and families. PTC said: “Most pressing among pro-family FCC issues is the reform of the TV content ratings system, which has […]


FCC Kidvid Rule: What’s Your Function?

Jack Goodman says that after 20 years, it’s time to reconsider the FCC guideline effectively requiring TV stations to air three hours of educational and informational children programming each week. If it cannot be demonstrated that such programming is effective, the intrusion on broadcasters’ First Amendment rights cannot be justified.

TV Looks To The Past For Kids Shows

Some new kids shows coming out now may look familiar to you. Producers are looking to the past for ideas, even if the titles predate the target audience’s birth by decades.


Kids TV Ad Market Is Heating Up

There’s serious stuff ahead for advertisers next week — a series of glitzy presentations from TV companies seeking up to $9 billion in advance commitments for primetime commercials. Talks for the $800 million kids-TV “upfront” market have begun to percolate, according to executives on both sides of the negotiations.

TV Ramps Up Luring Kids To Reach Parents

Ramping up to reach toddlers’ money-spending moms and dads, rivals to perennial favorites like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are making new bids to grab young viewers’ attention. Kids are being harvested to lure advertiser interest as part of the annual upfront market, where $800 million in advance ad commitments from toy-makers, movie studios and other kid-oriented advertisers is at stake. 

Mich. Stations A Step Ahead Of New PBS Kids Ch.

PBS To Launch 24/7 Online Kids TV Service

The free, 24-hour channel will provide child-friendly fare during primetime and other periods that draw kids, said Paula Kerger, PBS CEO. Member stations now get up to 12 hours daily of kids’ programming from PBS. The service also will be available online as a live stream on the pbskids.org website and on the PBS Kids video app for mobile devices and platforms such as Roku and Apple TV.


WKAR To Partner On 24/7 Children’s Channel

Kids Science Show Wins $37.8M Grant

KET Show Picks Up Where Mister Rogers Left Off

Powerful Education Effects Of ‘Sesame Street’

The most authoritative study ever done on the impact of Sesame Street, to be released today, finds that the famous show on public TV has delivered lasting educational benefits to millions of American children — benefits as powerful as the ones children get from going to preschool.

Netflix Sets Lineup of Animated Children’s Shows


Kids’ TV Ad Market Has Started To Move

Madison Avenue is moving more quickly than anticipated to ensure pitches for electronic toys and holiday movies get put in front of the consumers most likely to be interested in them — kids and teens.

Litton Cops 14 Parents’ Choice Media Awards

Litton Entertainment and its partners have been honored by the Parents’ Choice Foundation with 14 awards for quality children’s media, Litton announced today. The award-winning programs air as part of the three-hour block titled Litton’s Weekend Adventure on ABC stations, the three-hour block on CBS and the five-hour block titled One Magnificent Morning on the […]

Parents’ Choice Awards Honors TV Shows


Rember Children’s TV Compliance Obligations

With the obligation of television stations to file the quarterly Children’s Television Reports on FCC Form 398 by Monday (as the usual Jan. 10 date is on a weekend) and the simultaneous requirement to place into their online public file documentation of compliance with the commercial limits in children’s programming, it is worth reminding stations of the seriousness with which the FCC continues to view its children’s television rules.

How ‘Sesame Street’ Stays Relevant After 45 Years

PBS Plans Shorter Version Of ‘Sesame Street’

After 45 years as an hourlong show, PBS will add a half-hour afternoon version of Sesame Street this fall to meet increased competition for preschoolers.


WCCO Kids Host Mary Davies Orfield Dies At 88

‘Sesame Street’ Widens Its Focus

With its usual silliness, Sesame Street is introducing serious concepts about nature, science, math and engineering to its target audience of children too young to read.


For Kids Upfront, A New Media Boom

New technology such as gaming consoles and online video have been blamed for a recent decline in ratings for children’s television. But in an odd quirk, they’re also proving to be a lucrative ad category for kid-focused networks. The kids’ upfront wrapped up last month with total sales about the same as last year at around $1 billion.


More Big FCC Fines For Kids TV Violations

Fines of $20,000 for violations of the obligations to prepare and file Children’s Television Reports have been flowing out from the FCC as it works its way through license renewal applications filed by television stations over the last year. In the last two weeks, the fines have continued, with a few targeting full-power stations, and many others hitting Class A stations.

Study: Better TV May Improve Kids’ Behavior

Teaching parents to switch channels from violent shows to educational TV can improve preschoolers’ behavior, even without getting them to watch less, a study has found.

DMA 12

Chris Wedes, KIRO Clown JP Patches, Dies At 84