China Bans Men It Sees As Not Masculine Enough From TV

BEIJING (AP) — China’s government banned effeminate men on TV and told broadcasters Thursday to promote “revolutionary culture,” broadening a campaign to tighten control over business and society and enforce official morality. President Xi Jinping has called for a “national rejuvenation,” with tighter Communist Party control of business, education, culture and religion. Companies and the […]

Australia Chides China Over Journalist’s Detention

NBC Mum On Chinese Complaints About Map

Onscreen graphics during the ceremony depicted maps of each country as the athletes marched, and some in China expressed anger that the map did not include the island of Taiwan or several islands in the South China Sea where there are disputes over territorial control. Relations between the network and China are worth watching since NBCUniversal is set to broadcast and stream the 2022 Winter Games from Beijing.

China Arrests Australian TV Host On Suspicion Of Spying

China To Pull BBC News Off The Air, State Broadcast Regulator Says

China Threatens To Kill TikTok Deal

China has no reason to approve the “dirty” and “unfair” deal that allows Oracle and Walmart to effectively take over TikTok based on “bullying and extortion,” slammed an editorial published Wednesday in China Daily, an official English-language newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party.

China Imposes New Visa Restrictions Targeting US Media

Trump Bans Dealings With TikTok, WeChat

The twin executive orders issued Thursday — one for each app — add to growing U.S.-Chinese conflict over technology and security. They take effect in 45 days and could bar the popular apps from the Apple and Google app stores, effectively removing them from U.S. distribution. China’s foreign ministry expressed opposition but gave no indication whether Beijing might retaliate.

‘South Park’ Creators Offer Mocking ‘Apology’ To China Over Episode

‘South Park’ Scrubbed From Chinese Internet After Critical Episode

‘Younger’ In Line For A Chinese Remake

CBS Names Liding Head Of China Operations

Disney Wins Chinese Approval For Fox Deal

Analysts had worried that China might use Disney’s $71.3 billion deal to buy most of 21st Century Fox as a weapon in a trade war with the United States.

Netflix Set To Enter China In Licensing Deal

Netflix is gearing up to enter the final major market in the world where it is not currently operating: China. The move is significant considering it gives Netflix access to a country with roughly 450 million viewers and a value of around $14.5 billion. However, Netflix’s entry into China is being conducted through a local company, iQiyi, a streaming video subsidiary of Chinese search giant Baidu.

China Cracks Down On Online Reporting

China Restricts TV Shows Based On Foreign Formats

BEIJING (AP) — China is restricting TV shows that use formats from abroad such as “The Voice of China,” which is based on a Dutch talent show, in a move it says is intended to lead to more innovation and original programming among Chinese TV channels. The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has […]

Alibaba To Launch Netflix-Style Streaming In China

‘Big Brother’ Reality Show To Debut In China

BEIJING (AP) — A Chinese online video site says it is bringing the “Big Brother” reality TV show to China. Youku Tudou Inc. said a Chinese version of the program will run for 10 weeks early next year and production is due to start soon. It is collaborating with Endemol China, a new operation that […]

Latenight US Talk Show ‘Conan’ Debuts In China

BEIJING (AP) — The American late-night talk show “Conan” has racked up more than 3 million hits since its debut on an online video site in China. The comedy show hosted by Conan O’Brien and featuring celebrity interviews is available on the website of Sohu Video, a unit of Chinese online media group and Nasdaq-listed […]

‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ To Air In China

Warner Bros. has cut a deal with Sohu Video to make “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” available on the online video platform. Episodes will be subtitled in Chinese and available  48 hours after they air in the U.S.

China Putting Pressure On U.S. Journalists

Vice President Joe Biden raised the issue as Beijing withholds accreditation for journalists from The New York Times and Bloomberg.

China Cracks Down On ‘American Idol’-Style Shows

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese authorities are cracking down on how often broadcasters can air reality, dating and talent shows such as the Chinese versions of “American Idol” and “The Voice,” which draw huge audiences. Provincial broadcasters show such programs, which are cheap to produce and earn a lot of advertising revenue, on satellite channels that […]

China To Merge Film, TV And Press Censors

China Wants To Censor Online Video Content

BEIJING (AP) — China’s broadcasting and Internet regulators have told Internet video providers that they must prescreen all programs before making them available, tightening state censorship of increasingly popular online drama series and mini-movies. The new rule was issued jointly by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) and the State Internet Information […]

Rentrak To Measure China’s TV Viewing

QVC Forming TV Retailing Joint Venture In China

China Tightens Limits On Imported TV Shows

BEIJING (AP) – China’s television broadcasters will be limited in the number of imported series they can show, the government has announced, as China continues to try to rein in foreign influence. Under the new rules, no foreign TV series may be shown during the prime-time hours of 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. and overseas-produced […]

China’s State TV Expanding, But Fetters Remain

BEIJING (AP) — The killing of a South Korean coast guard officer by a Chinese fisherman should have been tailor-made for China’s CCTV News as it embarks on an ambitious plan to become a global network with assertive international coverage. Instead, according to CCTV employees, the story languished for hours as editors awaited political guidance […]

China Limits ‘Overly Entertaining’ TV Programming

BEIJING (AP) — China plans to limit reality TV shows and other light fare shown on satellite television stations as part of a drive to wrest back Communist Party control over cultural industries that have fueled more independent viewpoints. The order from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television refers to shows that are […]

China Orders Cutback On TV Entertainment