Should Reporters Challenge Or Ignore Election Disbelievers?

Back in December, Matt Negrin, a former journalist and now producer at Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” wrote a column for The Washington Post saying that TV journalists who invite Republicans on the air should begin by asking if they believed Biden won the election. If they don’t say yes, the interview should end. Many in the news business believe that stance goes too far, that a journalist’s role is to question ideas and point out inaccuracies or outright fictions, not to pretend they don’t exist. Two Sunday morning hosts, Jake Tapper and Chris Wallace, recently revealed themselves as polar opposites on the point.

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The Best Evidence Chris Wallace Did A Fine Job Moderating? Everyone’s Pissed

There is an old adage about negotiations that states one can only be truly confident of a fair and equitable agreement when both sides walk away from the table feeling like they each got the short end of the stick. I’m reminded of that old saw following the first 2020 presidential debate from Tuesday night, and the equal amounts of animus directed towards Chris Wallace for the job he did as moderator.

For Chris Wallace, Debate Was Runaway Train

The contest between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden was chaotic from start to finish. With interruptions and interjections, Trump tried to throw his Democratic opponent off stride. Pleas, increasingly frustrated and loud, were the only tools Wallace had at his disposal to try to maintain control.

Controversy Over A Presidential Debate Topic

The topics for the first presidential debate focus on issues that have dominated the news throughout 2020 — the economy, the coronavirus pandemic and the records of the two leading contenders. But the framing of one of the debate topics has set off alarms and objections. “Race and Violence in Our Cities” seems to echo President Trump’s contentious characterization of the protests that have swept American cities this summer and gives a false sense of the issue, critics say.

Poynter To Honor Chris Wallace At Its Fundraising Gala

Moderators For Trump-Biden Debates Set

According to the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, the moderators will be: Chris Wallace of Fox News for the debate Sept. 29 in Cleveland; Steve Scully of C-SPAN for the “town meeting” debate Oct. 15 in Miami; NBC’s Kristen Welker for the debate Oct. 22 in Nashville.

Fox’s Chris Wallace: Uniquely Independent

A veteran of three networks, Wallace is a leader on the news side of Fox, and has the respect of the network’s executives, according to colleagues. In recent months, Wallace has occasionally been at odds with some of his Fox News colleagues.

FNC Trump Interview Brings 5.8M Viewers

Across cable and broadcast, the Chris Wallace Fox News Sunday interview brought in 5.8 million viewers, while YouTube plays numbered 3.9 million.

Fox’s Wallace Praised For Trump Interview

Chris Wallace’s interview on Fox News Sunday made news on several fronts, from the coronavirus to the presidential campaign, and his direct challenges to Trump were still being talked about a day later.

Chris Wallace, Insider And Outlier At Fox News

The Fox News Sunday anchor opens up about his childhood, career and what he makes of his pro-Trump colleagues.

Trump Says Fox, Chris Wallace ‘On A Bad Path’ After Pelosi Appearance On Network

Fox News Host Hits Back At Trump Over Chris Wallace Criticism: ‘Enough’

FNC’s Chris Wallace To Interview Joe Biden This Sunday After SC Primary

Chris Wallace Denies Claim Of Trump Edit

The Fox News Sunday anchor told The New York Times that the accusation from Steve Bannon that Fox edited an interview at the president’s request was “utter foolishness.”

Baier, Wallace To Anchor FNC Impeachment Coverage


Fox’s Chris Wallace Is A Rare ‘Gold Standard’

Margaret Sullivan: “The veteran Fox News journalist’s … Sunday morning interview show is often riveting, creating newsworthy moments. Tough, well-prepared and knowledgeable, Wallace is willing to interrupt, ask follow-up questions and assert facts when his subjects are insistently spewing talking points. That President Trump bashes him as “nasty and obnoxious” or calls his interviews “dumb and unfair” doesn’t detract from that reality.

Chris Wallace: Trump Assaulting Press Freedom

“I believe that President Trump is engaged in the most direct sustained assault on freedom of the press in our history,” the Fox News host said to applause at the Newseum, a media museum in Washington.

Neil Cavuto Rips Trump For Attack On Chris Wallace

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Rejects Mulvaney’s Attempt To Walk Back Ukraine Comments

The New Face Of Trump Resistance At Fox News

Anchor Chris Wallace gains attention for his tough interviews with Trump aides.

Fox News Launches Emmy Marketing Campaign For Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace Likes To Challenge Authority

Chris Wallace, the moderator of the Sunday public affairs show, Fox News Sunday, is getting recognized more frequently these days for his ability to grill his guests. Ask him if he agrees that he has developed a talent for getting aggressive without crossing the line into being disagreeable. He does.

FNC’s Wallace Confronts Trump Official Over False Claims that China Tariffs Don’t Raise Costs For Americans

FNC’s Chris Wallace Calls Democrats’ Debate Ban ‘Shortsighted’

Wallace: Fox News’s Man In The Middle

Chris Wallace was born into journalism royalty, but that hasn’t stopped the anchor for Donald Trump’s favorite network from blazing a surprising path all his own.

Chris Wallace Tells The President: ‘We [The Press] Are in Solidarity, Sir’

Fox’s Chris Wallace To Interview Trump Sun.

RTDNA Slams Fox News POTUS Interview

Dan Shelley, executive director of the Radio Television Digital News Association, took to USA Today to call out Fox News Channel for its interviews with President Donald Trump — conducted by Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson — following his joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but praised Chris Wallace’s one-on-one with Putin.

Fox News’s Chris Wallace Grills Putin

The host on Trump’s favorite cable channel jousted ably with the Russian president — despite the use of interpreters — in an interview airing Monday night. The interview turned heated at points, with Wallace clearly frustrated by Putin’s trademark filibustering and Putin clearly frustrated by a journalist actually challenging him.

FNC’s Chris Wallace To Interview Vladimir Putin

Media Institute Names 2018 Honorees


Media Giving Up Its Place In Our Democracy

Whatever side you’re on in the debate over journalism these days, you’re not going to like some of what I have to say. Let’s start with a basic fact. President Trump is engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on the free press in our history. Since early in the campaign, he has done everything he could to delegitimize the media — attacking us institutionally and individually. And I think his purpose is clear: a concerted campaign to raise doubts over whether we can be trusted when we report critically about his administration.

Fox’s Chris Wallace Doesn’t Like Colleagues Echoing Press Attacks

NEW YORK (AP) — Sunday host Chris Wallace generally lives in peaceful co-existence with Fox News Channel’s opinion folks, except when he hears some of them echo President Donald Trump’s criticism of the news media. Fake news? He’s fighting back. “It bothers me,” Wallace said in an interview. “If they want to say they like […]

Chris Wallace Renews Pact With Fox News

Fox News Channel has signed anchor Chris Wallace to a new multi-year contract, ensuring he will stay in his role as anchor of Fox News Sunday.

Fox’s Wallace Makes News With Follow-Up

Chris Wallace walked the finest of lines during a campaign where debate moderators received an intense focus. As the first-ever general election moderator of Fox News, he had the hopes of an organization in the midst of a tough year riding on him along with additional baggage. Noting Trump’s claims Wednesday night that the election was being rigged against him, Wallace asked the Republican whether he would accept the results win or lose, noting that GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence said that he would. When Trump answered that “we will look at it at the time,” Wallace seemed incredulous.